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Day Tour – Island Hopping at Coron, Palawan

October 6, 2010

Day 1 in Coron was spent at the Bacu Beach and Hot Spring. There are no beach near the area – the sea is just 10 minute walk but the area serves as a port for boats and not “swimmable”. So we were charged Php100 per person by the tricycle who took us both to Bacu Beach and Hot Spring. It was a long drive and I should say, rough road!

The Bacu Beach looks like a deserted place – could be a nice place for adventurous couples! Entrance is Php20. We just took some pics and headed to the Hot Spring. Hot Spring as it is – the water is extremely hot! I wonder if you could boil and make boiled eggs from the water? It is a must-go place as we have seen alot of Koreans and tourits and locals in the place.

Day 2 is reserved for the Day Tour care of Coron Galeri. Meeting time is at 8:30AM and we got to the port at 9:00AM – we waited for a few more minutes and then we sailed off.

First Stop: Kayangan Lake. The place is a paradise! We have to climb up and go down some rocky hills to get to the place – but it was worth the leg pains. I would not recommend this to all the senior citizens and those who would be bringing their kids or babies. Some serious adventure!

Next Stop: Twin Lagoons. We just dipped and swam at this beautiful destination. The best part – the Kayak boat is free for use!

Next – Lunch at Atwayan Beach. The package comes with free packed lunch and it was indeed heavy. Pork chop, cucumber, rice, banana, lato, talong and inihaw na isda which the group had to share. This is the perfect place to eat your lunch and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

Then off we headed to CYC Island – we weren’t able to go down because it was low tide, and we have to dive and swim to get to the island. I wasn’t very excited because I saw that the sand is of brown shade (or maybe it is just because we got there a little late – afternoon?)

The group has decided to go to the next destination – the Twin Peek Reefs. I was actually quite disappointed about this place – we can’t see fishes at all, or corals, or any sea creature (blame the time – it was afternoon and the weather, a little cloudy). No one from the group dared to dive and explore. Plus we have forgotten to rent snorkel gear (at Php150). Wrong move.

The last stop – Siete Picados. This destination is not part of the package, so you have to pay Php100 if you would dive. We wanted to go to this place, and the rest of the people in the boat got curious too – so we went and sailed to Siete Picados. Again, we don’t have snorkel gear, so we didn’t get to see the marine life. Booo. It was enough to see some fishes when my friend threw some bread. I wonder if these fishes ever get tired of eating bread and are waiting for something more sumptous. Haha.

Although we missed two destinations (meaning, we didn’t get to swim, dive, explore and take pics), it was worth the money and time.

Al is such a nice person and is so accommodating – he even delivered a short introduction before we sailed off (and mind you, he can speak English! Haha. Impressive!). I just wonder why we didn’t get the free Cheez Wiz sandwich for snack which he has promised when we booked the tour?!

I wanted to try the other packages which includes destinations for snorkeling, beach and sort of hiking. I was too sleepy the night before when we went to Coron Galeri’s office to book a tour and just said yes to whatever package my friend has chosen.  I even wanted to go to the Calauit Safari but travel time is 4 hours one-way! Arrgh. I have heard too that there aren’t much animals in the place. My friends wanted to extend another day and take another tour package, but I was firm in saying NO. Factors: family was expecting me to arrive on the date I have promised, not enough clothes to cover another day (first time to travel light! – less clothes I brought for this trip), and budget (I promised myself I won’t go over Php10,000).

Anyway, we only paid Php650 for the tour and it is a best deal. The locals said that price for renting a boat is at Php2,000 whole day (but should be max of 10 people, or is it minimum)? plus, entrance to the destinations.

If you want to avail of the tour package, please check out the Coron Galeri site.

Contact Info:

AL B. Linsangan
Email: [email protected]
Moblie #: (+63)919-3054363 | (+63)920-2546553 | (+63)915-2543246

Btw, I saw this cool souvenir shop at the port, near the market – they are selling funky tribal accessories at Php350 (expensive, I know!) but love the details!

Be sure to buy the best pasalubong from Palawan! The best cashew nuts or kasuy in Palawan from Escardas Kasuy! Just tell the tricycle driver to bring you there. We went to one Kasuy store but they were closed because of family affair, but they are too nice to even refer us to Escardas. The woman even warned the tricyle driver to take care of us and to not over-charge (paid only Php8 per pax for the ride – one way).

Small packs at Php50 and the big ones are at Php100. When we got to the airport the big ones cost Php200! (Double the price!) The best part, we even got freebies (kasuy in small packs)!

Writing this blog post makes me want to book another flight to Coron or Puerto Princesa and once again explore the beauty of the islands. Makes me realize that Philippines is indeed a beautiful country.. most of the attractions in other countries are man-made but the clear sea, white and talc like sand, hills and nature are made by the greatest Creator. True wonders!

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