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(So Far) My Best Breakfast Buffet in Hotel Kempinski

April 16, 2012

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was – What’s for breakfast? I remember the breakfast we had in Hotel Kempinski. They say that one should get a heavy breakfast to start a day – and I think Hotel Kempinski took it too seriously.

We were not only served with the usual cereals, breads and eggs. When our Program Manager said that Hotel Kempinski offers the best breakfast buffet, I have to believe her even if she shared it during dinner and even if I had not seen what is in the buffet table/s.

I love buffets (check out my Marriott Hotel Brunch experience here and Sofitel Buffet Dinner over here) and I know I gained weight during my whole month stay in Indonesia. My boss told me I now have a baby bump, and my colleague took notice of my “big” stomach. What can I do, but just enjoy the company of my teammates and good food.

The breakfast buffet in Hotel Kempinski is served in the Signatures Restaurant located at the first floor.

To know what is in the breakfast buffet, click Read More…

I love the ambiance of the restaurant. I felt that my jeans and shirt didn’t fit well with the ambiance. I should be wearing a nice dress.. or a business suit. The place is spacious and clean – with nice, accommodating staff serving coffee, tea and water.

Spacious seats and comfy couches to enjoy your meal

This area is just gorgeous! 

Smokers can stay outside

Soldier figurines displayed in the entrance

Spacious and well-lit

I love those framed wall photos of Marilyn Monroe and JFK!
You know how much I love Monroe!

Now, what’s for eats? I seriously didn’t know where to start. I am so used to having rice (and anything fried) or bread for breakfast. Let’s roam around the place.. I was only able to take some pictures because I got too overwhelmed and just wanted to try everything. More importantly, I need to bond with my “new family”. There is the usual hot dishes, carving station, noodles station, dimsum station and a lot more.

Say Cheese! and more cheese!

Ham.. Nom nom nom.. 

I requested for Eggs Benedict and they gladly prepared one.

I used to prepare Eggs Benedict when I was still working in a Coffee Shop

I guess I could pour as much Hollandaise Sauce as I wished!

I noticed that they don’t serve it with cheddar cheese;
so on the second day, I requested for a slice of cheese and they served it! 

My first plate.. Looking at it makes me hungry!
Donuts and croissants

Butter and spreads – and yes, the brown one is Nutella!

Cold cuts and sausages

The Salad Bar 
Some hot dishes
Indonesia Meal is not complete without these kropeks! 
Fresh Fruits!

and more fruits!

 Yogurts and there is Yakult! Feels like home!

 The best part is the sushi bar! It was our first time to see sushi in Breakfast Buffet

 Just the same, we were glad! I tried to yummy dimsums too!

 During the first morning, we also learned more about the fruits in Indonesia. Anna S (Program Manager) and Anna B (In-Country manager) taught us how to peel and eat each fruit. Interesting that some fruits’ names are the same in Indonesia and Philippines (like, rambutan). There are some who have very slight differences though – like, they call Lanzones as Lanzo. 

I forgot what is this called.. I think it is called snake skin.. 🙂

Sabine (Austria) successfully peeled it!
And here is another fruit..

Reds and Whites

We sure enjoyed our stay in Hotel Kempinski and we felt sorry that two of our teammates were stuck in Seoul for they missed their connecting flight from Seoul to Jakarta. Aircraft had to take different route to avoid solar sun-flares so that added 2 hours on their flight. Good thing that they were taken care of and they also stayed in a really nice hotel.

Seems like only yesterday..

Anyway, my mom cooked Pancit Bihon (a local delicacy) and bought puto – so that’s what I had for breakfast. I need to go to bed again (this afternoon) because I need to be early for work later tonight. It is so hard to go back to reality..

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