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December 9, 2012

Holiday Sweets from GoNuts Donuts

I am not your most famous blogger, like Chuvaness who probably gets gifts everyday sent to her home. So imagine my joy when I found these sweets from GoNuts Donuts sitting at our dining table.

I was running late to attend another event, so I just took a quick photo and posted on Twitter. Sending my loves and thank yous to our friends from Go Nuts Donuts and social media! I asked my mom and brother to NOT touch the goods just yet. I know they were itching and as excited as I am! Good thing we don't have kids at home, otherwise, I wouldn't have anything to blog today.



Go Nuts Donuts sent me two boxes of these sweets and a box of mystery sweets! They are soo pretty I don't want to touch them! My mom was just telling me how much effort and time the staff had put in to create one donut!

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I honestly don't know which one to taste first..

Holy Mallowy
Yule Bliss


Sweet n' Merry


I know.. they got cute names! Plus, they don't just look pretty - unlike most glazed donuts, these sweets have fillings inside..

Holy Mallowy is true to its name. It has mallows on the center.


There's creamy Bavarian filling inside Yule Bliss


and my favorite, Sweet n' Merry with Pastillas fillings (which I initially thought is a caramel!)


Just when I almost satisfied myself with sweets, I remember there is still this box to explore.. I love that the box itself can be used as a gift box for corporate give-aways!


When I opened it.. tadah.. more treats!! Cookies!!



Holiday cookies! Individually wrapped these cute cookies coated with colorful sugar frostings are designed with anything Christmas-y! I love them! Again, they are soo pretty, I don't want to touch them or destroy them, and eat them with my hungry need for more sugar. 


I love how it breaks perfectly when I take a bit. It is surprising that I find it not too sweet despite the added colors and frosting (or maybe I am just having too much sugar?!) This would sure be a good give-away to your inaanaks together with some hundreds of bills ;)

I place them on a plate to go with tea or coffee ;) Next time, I would try to heat it in a microwave as I always love to eat lightly heated cookies ;)


This is just too much loooove from GoNuts Donuts. Thank you GoNuts Donuts, friends from ARC Public Relations (and Kira) for this sweets! Thank you to the delivery team who took time to battle traffic in Manila just to send these! ;)


Go to your nearest GoNuts Donuts store (they are everywhere!) and get these sweets!

What is your favorite at GoNuts Donuts?

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