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(Sweet) Dinner at Sweet Bella

December 6, 2012

When my bloggie friend, Ferds told me to come to his event at Sweet Bella with an empty stomach, I thought it was just one of the releases they tell the guests just to get the commitment that they will come to the event. After all, he works in PR, he basically knows what to say to sell products and events.


It was not my first time to dine at Sweet Bella (check out my first Sweet Bella experience here). My first Sweet Bella experience was not all praises. We were loyal with our favorite coffee and breakfast place. But we got hypnotized by its really good dessert offerings. But I know we will not just eat desserts that night..

When I got to the Greenbelt 5 Sweet Bella Cafe, I was greeted with a warm ambiance – light (and I mean very light) mellow lighting, soothing music and mostly happy diners enjoying their meals and desserts. The server asked what aperitif should I like – wow, how many years ago the last time I heard and used that term, aperitif? How many events and fine restaurants I had been to, and it was only now did I get to be offered an aperitif? (a drink usually serve to whet the appetite). And here’s what I got. I am too excited to taste it that I didn’t even get the chance to take note of its name.


What would come outside from the kitchen is the next question.. In the true essence of French Dining, we were served with appetizers.

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The first one we had, Fresh Oysters (Php395), served cold and fresh – with a hint of lime and sauce.


For someone who doesn’t eat much seafood, I am surprised for I somehow enjoyed how fresh, real and raw the meat was. I thought, it wouldn’t hurt to try more..

Was it smiling at me? 😉

Then, there is more.. The Baked Oyster with Champagne Sauce (Php395) was served next to the table. This dish is not as “revealing” as the first one. Covered with thick cream – that reminds me of creamy white sauce – it is bit cheesy with a hint of malt – from the champagne sauce.


I thought we will go next to the main dish, but another oyster dish was served. The sight of Oyster Rockefeller – I fell inloved with it. Of all the 3, this one is my favorite. Probably because I love how the soft meat and crunchy bits feel when you eat it, as you taste butter and herb flavor.

Then, welcome Gambas Ajillo (Php270)! Served with their very own made Focaccia Bread – this classic Spanish Gambas recipe is something for a classy dinner, and not for the casual drinks at the bar. I love that the shrimp tastes fresh yet crisp, infused with perfect balance of spice and garlic. The flavor is not empowering. The oil is just perfect for a quick swipe of your bread.
  Just when we felt that we wanted more of that Gambas and Bread, the Wagyu Ribeye Steak (Php995) came into the scene like a superstar. Indeed, it was a superstar, cameras came flashing and even though we were all tempted to take a slice and feel its juices, we waited for the star. 
The Wagyu Ribeye Steak is a sure specialty of the house. Sweet Bella join forces with Melo’s steakhouse – which pioneers serving Angus and Wagyu steaks in the Philippines. 
 The meat, which is perfect with its grill marks, is tender, juicy and flavorful. I am not used to describing steaks – but bottom line is, it is just good. Pair it with a cup (or two) of the Wagyu Steak Rice (cooked with the Wagyu Beef drippings) – you cannot go wrong.
It reminds me of the fried rice cooked from the tapa oil. Just perfect! 
Our tables are not enough to accommodate all the wonderful food. I loove, love the Capellini Pomodore e Salsa Verde (Php395). This is something that I truly recommend if you love pasta! The creative fusion of truffle, pomodoro and pesto sauce topped in angel hair pasta is just.. amazing and delicious. It is even served with balsamic-glazed, fried eggplant slices instead of the usual garlic bread. Can I call this food innovation? I just love, love it. 
The Gamberetto Pasta (Php395) is something to talk about too. The thick cream sauce with seasoned shrimps in linguini is just filling. 
It was a never-ending food fest I know! Then we were served with Chilean Sea Bass (Php1,050). It is fresh and topped with what-tasted like Hollandaise sauce – served with fresh, crisp blanched veggies. 
We literally didn’t have a space in the table for more meals.. the same with our stomach!
The tables were then soon cleaned and once again set up. It is time for something soothing and relaxing..
How about a cup of Hot Belgian Chocolate served by Ms. Tintin..?
Ohh.. so now I can finally use the adjective “velvety” to describe a drink. 
Oh yes it is!
It slides down to my throat, and fills me – but left a thick flavor in my mouth.
It is full-bodied and creamy. I am dreaming of it now.
Now, it is time for my favorite part.. Desserts! I fell inloved with Sweet Bella‘s Adriana the first time we dined in at their cafe in P. Burgos. I couldn’t wait to taste more as I know I will only taste the best since Sweet Bella received numerous awards for its desserts (yeah, awards are not just for actors!).
Chocolata was voted as best desserts by Phil Daily Inquirer in 2007, Charlotte in 2009, and Pearl in 2011. 
We couldn’t control our excitement when we got to meet the winners..
Chocolatta (Php295)
Does it need much introduction? Pure heaven. Chocolate Cake.
The Pearl (Php295)
You might think it is a strawberry flavored cake, but nope. Sweet Bella sure surprised us with its creamy Pink Guava mousse with flamed-mango fillings inside soft chiffon cake. This is amazing. Something that would get a thumbs up from my mom and dad.

Mi Camille (Php295)
Another big surprise! It is my favorite. This ice-cream like dessert is pure cream with crunchy Hazelnut Praline and French Biscuit on Almond Praline Crust. Yum!
A little story.. around these lovely, delicious desserts are these food bloggers..
Thank you Aylin for lighting my shots! 
The Chinese na Makulit..!
The bigger story, when Ms. Tintin brought out the Strawberry Charlotte!
Ms. Tintin as the star..
Charlotte as a star..
Look at how yummy those strawberries are! Makes me remember the Funnel Cake we had at Canada Wonderland! Check the picture here.
The cake is just a created for perfection – it is just cream and crunchy cashew crust with lots and lots of strawberries! The whole cake cost Php1,700 for 9inch goodness! Made with fresh
strawberries from Baguio. I would love one on my birthday today! Yum! I just
love, love strawberries!
Aside from yummy/heavenly/delicious/{add good food adjective here}, Sweet Bella also offers French Macaroon in eight flavors – White Chocolate, Chocolate Lemon Citrus, Passion Fruit, Salted Caramel, Rose, Strawberry and Coffee. Interesting flavors, yeah? 😉
Thank you Ms. Tintin for the wonderful evening 
and for bringing Sweet Bella!
A Sweet Bella visit is truly a feast in all senses!

What’s your favorite from Sweet Bella?
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An accomplished pastry chef and loving mother; and is a daughter of Melo Santiago, a renowned restaurateur behind Melo’s Steakhouse. 

About Sweet Bella

Sweet Bella began as home based dessert bar in 2006. In 2011, Sweet Bella Cafe opened in P. Burgos that also serves breakfast menu throughout the day. In less than two years, Greenbelt 5 opened its doors to Sweet Bella Cafe which offers a variety of food.

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