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Sappe Beauti Drinks

February 2, 2013

“Is that a shampoo?”, my sister asked me when I opened the box I received last December. I took out bottles of Sappe drinks. The clear bottles are printed with flowers – one in green and pink.

The labels say they are Beauti Drinks. Nice naming. Very catchy.  Would these bottles make me beautiful? I hope so. The pink ones says they are for Beautiful Skin and the green one is for Better Digestion. 

These drinks are products of Thailand’s Sapanan General Food Co., Ltd. called “Beauti Drink” and “Beauti Drink with Fiber”. The products are from the same makes of the widely-popular “Mogu-Mogu” fruit juice drink with nata de coco made available in the Philippines last year.

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The bottles went straight to the chiller. I got to try first the Beauti Drink (in pink bottle) which promises Beautiful Skin. At this age and lifestyle, I always aim for aging with grace. I mean, I cannot control aging, can I? But I can delay the signs of it.

The bottle says it contains 1,000 milligrams of collagen. Research told me that normally, our body can produce its own collagen. However, by the age of 20, production gradually decreases and causes the skin to lose moisture, which leads to wrinkles and dry skin.

Now Beauti Drink with 1,000 milligrams of collagen can help retain moisture within the epidermis and leads to smoother, glowing and youthful skin.

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to drink it, especially with its packaging that reminds me of a topical beauty product. Plus, I always hear that collagen is something that one must apply, and not take orally. Then I read the word marine collagen in the bottle – and pictures of fish, dolphins and sharks cloud my thought bubbles.

But then I take a gulp – it is grape and lime flavoured, but somehow it tasted like a peach drink for me. It is good.

I personally feel that taking one bottle of the Beauti Drink is better than taking a beauty pill. This drink is refreshing too!

Now. let’s check the Beauti Drink with Fiber. This one tastes like a soda drink. I have a regular morning ritual, and I felt that I don’t need much fiber in my body – but an interesting fact, fiber not just helps the digestive system work efficiently, but it is also known to prevent intestinal cancer.

Beauti Drink with Fiber also has L-carnitine which increases the use of fat as an energy source and also reduces fat mass and fatigue. Now, that’s what I need. I work in Mobility but I am immobile. The drink has 8,000 mg L-carnitine equivalent to 2 big pomelos or 8 small tangerines.

Now, we can have refreshing, delicious drinks that give health benefits – and we can forget the diet teas that are painful to drink. 😉

Have you tried Beauti Drinks? 
Grab a bottle from Mercury Drug and 7-11 for only Php 39.00

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