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Hello from Kota Kinabalu!

May 10, 2013

Here’s the secret that I have been meaning to tell you all. I am flying now with Zest Air for the maiden flight of Manila to Kota Kinabalu with other travel and lifestyle bloggers, travel agents and guests for a 2-day familiarization tour! How exciting!! By the time I have published it, we would have been checked in in the hotel.,  preparing for our day 2.

Law of attraction and the forces of universe are good to me. I intentionally didn’t book any travel this summer no matter how enticing the Piso Fare Sales were. So imagine my surprise when I received an invite to be part of this tour?!

It was a normal Monday morning for me when the good news came like a telegram. WE needed to fly on Friday, which is today. I thought of my work, and the ten thousand other things that I needed to do – but then again, the forces are good to me. I am ecstatic that my manager approved my vacation today and even expressed excitement over this trip! Yahoo!!!

To tell you honestly, I haven’t even had a decent sleep yet. I was up at 2PM yesterday (Thursday), and looks like I would get to bed by 9ish tonight.

This is really exciting because this is my first time to travel with bloggers (most part of the team are my friends) – there are actually two sets of bloggers which Zest Air and Malaysian Tourism Board have invited for the tour – so there is Team Kuala and we are Team Kota (but we would love to call ourselves #TeamPannaKota in Twitter – please follow us! Although the wifi connection is intermittent.

Please just follow me at @ruthilicious –  I will try  post updates. 😉

 To be continued..

We are off to Day 2 Adventure!

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