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Giordano’s Monsters University Fair (June 30th, July 6th & 7th)

June 30, 2013

So I earned a degree from Monsters University!! Wohoo!!! Haha. Well, Giordano Philippines launched the Monsters University Collection yesterday and to make it a little more fun, they set-up a University Fair at Trinoma Activity Center.

Admission is free and classes is only open  until today, June 30, 2013!

I was one of the first students “to enroll” (Lucky to be part of the bloggers pool to be invited before it officially opened to the public in the afternoon). Let me show you around the “university”.

Upon enrollment and registration, we got our ID! I meant to give a monster pose, but the ID man already printed my ID! It would have been fun to look like a real monster in my ID! 
For general public, it looks like you can only get this ID if you buy a Monster University Collection item from the Giordano store. 

Then we were given a Class Card! We need to attend the four subjects which tests our math skills, hand and mind coordination and scare factor!

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Field of Screams 

Well, if you are an Xbox Kinect Sports gamer, this would be an easy subject to pass. Dance, play sports and box! Who knows you can even be part of the varsity team!


No, there is no need to mix chemicals here. But I really loove the set-up! To pass this, play the 2Fuse Game which asks you to combine numbers in same color within 60 seconds. This is my first time to play this game, and it was fun! I got the second highest score that day – I got an A+! Wohoo!!

Having fun at the laboratory

Monster 101
You get to test your Math and Color-Matching Skills in this class. I hate math, but I love colors! I got an A from this subject! Wohooo. 

Plus..  I got to play teacher to Manila’s Top Fashion Bloggers! Haha

with Ava, Anagon and Arnie! 

The School of Rawr

It seems like my rockstar outfit didn’t help me here. In this subject, it would test your skills in timing. Play the guitar or the drums and be part of the university’s rock group! I only got a B score here. My dream of being a rockstar crashes in front of me. But it was fun!

I super enjoyed the fair with blogger friends – Ay Lin and Marj! (and I cannot believe I don’t have pictures with them!)
Inside the University Fair, there is even a Freedom Wall where you can post messages to Giordano, or to your secret crush.
And here’s my message: 

I grew up wearing Giordano. Does anyone remember Giordano Classics? I have them in different colors. I wore them alot back in High School, until my style has changed when I was in College because we were required to wear business attire.

But I remember buying my first work pants from Giordano because we needed to wear khaki pants, and during that time when there weren’t alot of international brands here in Manila, I only got to buy perfect fitting pants from Giordano. I always encounter the brand whenever I visit Asian Countries and shop. Now, I am surprised to see this Monsters University Collection! University Fair goers can actually buy from the activity center.

It was super fun fair! I even got a “tattoo”! I meant to have face paint but I decided to have it in my arm.

They are so talented!
Look at Marj’s face paint!

Ay Lin’s!

After completing my course, mom and I headed to Giordano store to buy my own Monsters University shirt! I had a hard time choosing. Want to buy all! My mom and I fell inloved with the dress.. BUT it was too short for me. 🙁

I know the sales personnel was being impatient of me. Ha! But anyway, I got to take home the perfect Monsters University item for me! When I got to the cashier, they put it in the normal paper bag. So I asked for the Monsters University shopping bag! Plus, I got another free baller ID! Yey!

Go to the Monster University Fair now! You will get freebies and nice items if you get to attend all the subjects and do swing by at the Giordano Store to see the new Monsters University Collection!
Men’s shirts at Php999.
Women’s shirts at Php899
If you missed it last weekend, head over to SM Megamall on July 6th and 7th and attend the fair!
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