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Every Day is a Friday: SevenFriday Watch, Now in Manila

October 6, 2013

Invite me to a watch launch event, and I would be there. So I was there – when SevenFriday held the launch the other week at Wine Story, Bonifacio Global Story.

Wine poured in as we celebrate the arrival of SevenFriday in the Philippines – big thanks to the efforts of the dynamic Sevenfriday Manila group. It was an intimate event with only a few media practitioners, select bloggers and  wine and watch lovers. The event was graced by SevenFriday founder, Dan Niederer himself, who flew in all the way from Switzerland.

I love watches (see some of them here), but they are mostly girly watches. I once got addicted to bangle type watches, then the ones with charms – lately, I find masculine-looking watches more appealing to me. So I fell inloved with SevenFriday when I opened the doors of Wine Story and the beautiful time piece sort of hypnotized me – I almost missed the media registration.

Click Read More to see more of what happened during the launch.. 

If you would look at the watch itself, you may find it a little too complicated – with hands, discs, dials and all the movement – there is so much going on – which I think makes it more appealing to me.

It may look complicated, but it is the same characteristic that will make you drawn to it – to look at it closely, and study and learn, and get to know a little more – and then you fell inloved.

Let me share with you the Language of SevenFriday

Steel, industrial plants, engines, machines, wheels—the brand’s universe, as well as its designs, are strongly inspired by these elements. The products’ design is a result of these inspirations in combination with high-end production and complex construction.

The wristwatches of SevenFriday are built on two major elements: the box and the interface. The box, made of stainless steel, refers to the complex construction of the protective casing. Its shape and style lies between the modern and the classic, creating an exciting atmosphere. It is surrounded by an animation ring made of aluminum, enhancing its haptic and visual appeal.

Within the box, you can find the interface, which consists of hands, discs, dial, and the watch movement. All the indicators are designed and arranged in way to bring the complexity of the movement to the surface. The dial alone is made up of five separate pieces or layers, with eleven different applications. This complex construction attracts and fascinates the spectator.

The SevenFriday Watches

The Sevenfriday P1, cool and slightly restrained in coloring, symbolizes the present industrial aesthetics or the “Industrial Essence.” The colors silver, black, and rhodium are mainly used.

The Sevenfriday P2, warm with a strong coloring of copper, reminds us strongly of the beginning of our modern era, and symbolizes the “Industrial Revolution”. Various shades of gray, in combination with the various finishing touches, are testament to this.

The Sevenfriday P3 is inspired by the no-nonsense attitude of “cafe racer” motorcycles, and symbolizes “Industrial Engines”. The striking signal-red highlights provide visual contrast, while the animation ring recalls a motorcycle’s distinct profile.

If you too are wondering (like me), how you would classify the SevenFriday, Daniel Niederer explains that they wanted to create a watch that you don’t just put in a drawer. Something not like a sports watch, or a jewelry watch (which is mostly what I have!) – and true, most often, I just put them anywhere in my organizer everytime I take it off!

I really cannot tell as well if the design is modern or classic – all I know, it is a work of art and beauty. I want one!

Aside from bringing SevenFriday in Manila, Dan also shared a very nice life lesson – it may sound like a cliche, and we always hear it – carpe diem – seize the moment! I think we look at life the same way – we feel like everyday is Friday – we try to enjoy life, everyday. So we got seven Fridays in a week! Cool yeah?

 And so.. we enjoyed that Friday with company of blogger friends and awesome people of SevenFriday.

We love this white wine which is light bodied and sweet!

Wine Story is a perfect venue for the launch. I never know watch and wine will go best together – sounds soooo expensive! Anyway, at the Wine Story, you can taste the wine in glasses before deciding to buy the bottle. They got nice and wide selection.

I didn’t miss the chance to wear a SevenFriday watch! 
I can choose from this line-up..

And this is the only watch they have for the ladies..
And wow, it is heavy, but just so beautiful – not girly beautiful but just beautiful..

This is the limited edition Philippines’ watch

Red, white and blue 

I wish to own a SevenFriday watch soonest.. in the mean time, I will own the time and enjoy this #watchselfie.

And just incase you are wondering how much to shell out for this watch – around Php50,000. It is true – time is gold.

The Sevenfriday is exclusively available in select boutiques in Manila, with free nationwide shipping for order outside of Manila. For inquiries, please email [email protected].

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