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The KFC Crispy Butter Chicken

October 27, 2013

KFC does know how to comfort me at my darkest days. A KFC rider came knocking at our door and handed this eco-bag. If not for the KFC logo, I would think I have a new suitor. 😉

So what’s inside? Well.. KFC has something new for its loyal customers – remember that they just recently launched the Cheezy Bacon Fest, and now here comes something new to order from KFC – The Crispy Butter Chicken. 

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Big surprise!

The Crispy Butter Chicken looks like (my favorite) Hot and Crispy Chicken. Well I also love the KFC Original Recipe, but there is something about the crunch and crispiness that makes chicken much more yummier whenever I eat it. The new flavor though has hint of butter and garlic and herbs on it (see above).

It is marinated with butter and is best paired with mashed potato with corn kernels. At first bite, it is a surprise that it is not hot (well, that is my normal expectation), but rather buttery and garlicy. It doesn’t taste like your typical butter chicken in Chinese Restaurants though, this is all new original and new for me.

I tried it with buttered rice with carrots (as it comes with the set).

Or, try it with mashed potato with corn kernels. 

The butter flavor stayed true to the last bite. If you are a butter-loving person, or someone who loves crispy chicken but find the Hot and Crispy flavor a little too strong, you can go with The KFC Crispy Butter Chicken.

I am thinking, this new flavor might be good as a pulutan with cold beer. Not that I am a drinker, but hey, might be nice to experiment 😉

The Crispy Butter Chicken Meal (with mashed potato with corn) is only Php99.

Have you tried the Crispy Butter Chicken? 
What do you think? 
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