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The Day I Met Ryzza Mae Dizon: My Little Bossings Bloggers’ Night

December 21, 2013

I cannot remember if I danced, Look Up, Look Up, Shake, Shake, Shake when I received the invite for the My Little Bossings Bloggers Conference. I probably did. Haha. Yes, I do watch the Ryzza Mae Show! And yes, I am a fan. I seldom say yes to showbiz related events, but I did say yes again to also support one of my favorite bloggers – Melai.

I am not certain if I were more excited to see Bossing Vic Sotto (I met him before during the Enteng ng Ina Mo Bloggers Event), he’s my first ever crush! Haha.

So, in Annabel’s Tomas Morato, we waited for Ryzza and Bossing Vic. When they arrived, it was like the world stopped rotating, and they were like angels who walked in the room (thank you to the effects that my camera has made!).

The Q&A hasn’t even started, when Bossing Vic started teasing Ryzza. They requested for a high-chair, and Ryzza remarked, “para namang bata’. 

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They greeted us, and Ryzza also said her “Hello po, Bloggers!”. She is always polite and proper. Even Bossing Vic testified that Ryzza is very conservative. She doesn’t go out looking less like a lady. She wears shorts, and another shorts when wearing really short skirt. During the event, Vic teased her once again, and asked why was she wearing a gown, and if she was joining the sagala?

She said, she doesn’t want the bloggers to think that she is not prepared for the night. She sounded exactly the same as the Ryzza Mae I see on TV.

Oftentimes I wonder if there is someone coaching her whenever she would interview people or throw banters with the TVJ, but it was during that night I realized that she really is a natural. She is funny, and witty. Even Vic and Ms. Bibeth Orteza (who joined the Bloggers Night) laughed at her witty remarks.

Then the first question was thrown, why did Bossing Vic introduced this new character and placed Enteng and the rest of the Okay Ka Fairy Ko to a rest. It is actually a good mix to place Ryzza Mae and Bimby in a movie. They have been trying to convince Kris Aquino to let Bimby on a movie, and Kris agreed only if he would be working with someone like Vic. Then here comes My Little Bossings. 

Vic shared the Bimby is such a talented boy, but he also assisted him in delivering scripts. He said that most of the time when they were taping, there are games involved, to keep the kids going.. and of course, paksiw should always be in the caterer’s offerings everyday. We all know that is Ryzza’s favorite dish. 
Ryzza sat quietly as Vic answered most of the questions. I adore her for being so professional at a young age. She didn’t look bored, or tired (well I am guessing she was tired, it was past 8 PM that night). She seems like someone who is easy to deal with. Then finally, someone asked Ryzza how does she feel being the star of the film. 


She said that she never realized that she will play a big role in the film. She has no idea what bida is. So Vic explained that when you are the lead role of the film, you get a bigger name in the poster, and you have a picture (unlike in the previous movie, where her name almost was removed, he jokingly said).

Vic also explained during the Bloggers Night that it was Kris’ decision to not to be included in the poster of the movie. She said that the movie is all about Ryzza and Bimby, and Vic, so it would be best to just have them three in the official movie poster. 

When asked how did Vic stir in the idea of putting a Bimby, a sosyal, and Ryzza, a masa-kid, in a movie; Ryzza quickly said, sosyal din naman ako, di lang halata. Vic and Bibeth obviously find that funny, and witty. I am sure they get alot of these from Ryzza. 
Ms. Bibeth shared that she is lucky to be working with Vic, as there are only a few artists who give such importance to the writers, and Vic is one of them. They have been working for more than 20 years, and it is a good feeling to work with someone you enjoy working with. I know how it feels exactly! But of course, things are different in the corporate world. Anyway, Ms. Bibeth shared that she has witnessed how Vic has grown as an actor and mentor for child stars like Aiza and Ryzza. 

Although, Vic doesn’t want to be tagged as a star-builder (like German Morena, he said!), but more of supporter and believer of raw talents. 

In here, I couldn’t remember why they were laughing, but looking at the pic, you can imagine how comfortable and fun they are as a family. It is like seeing myself with  friends, and family laugh and exchange banters. 


In between interviews, I find Ms. Bibeth giving Ryzza small pecks which I find really sweet and endearing. I cannot blame every artist who guested in the Ryzza Mae Show and asked for a kiss from this kid. She is so cute, adorable and nice. I wanted to go to their table and give her a kiss-ngot (the kiss with singhot! the one you give to babies!)
Here’s more of Ryzza, being a kid! 


How lucky Ryzza is, she got the chance to work with Bossing Vic. But I know, she is working hard too. It is not all fun and play for this kid. I cannot imagine how hectic her schedule is. 
They played Jack and Poy!

Ryzza’s ever supportive mom 😉 

Here’s bossing and Ryzza watching the My Little Bossing’s official trailer with bloggers.

I will sure watch the film with my nephew and niece!

My Little Bossings opens on December 25, 2013. Produced by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Films, APT Entertainment and Kris Aquino Productions.

My Little Bossings also stars Aiza Seguerra, Jaclyn Jose, Jose Manalo, Paolo Ballesteros, Barbie Forteza, Neil Coleta, and Neil Sese from the direction of Marlon Rivera. Story and screenplay by Bibeth Orteza.

Btw, it was my blogger friend, Melai of who did the styling for the film’s press release photos. Awesome! I am so happy for her! I love seeing friends doing the things that they love doing. She seems very happy, and I am happy for her. 🙂

As usual, we got too excited to have a pic with Ryzza, but her friend begged us for a group shot instead since Ryzza was headed to the province the following day and her flight was at 4:00 AM (it was already past 9 PM). Yet, Ryzza remained nice and cheerful to us. She never looked bored, or tired or irritated (you know how one gets moody when hungry, tired and sleepy), but she is still all smiles with her expressive eyes. I know, I am a fan.

I am lucky I got a chance to get a selca with Ryzza! Yey!

and of course, with Bossing Vic. 

Okay, when you see me lining up in the cinema, please say hi! Premiere Night will be tonight (Saturday) and the usual parade will be on Sunday (December 22nd).

Thank you again to Melai, and to our friends in OctoArts Film for the invite, and of course, Ryzza’s many sponsors for the goodies! (truly unexpected!). Thank you!

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