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The Day I Met Allison Harvard

December 17, 2013

I fell inloved with her.

Okaaaay.. that doesn’t sound right. I am still a girl, the last time I checked. What I really wanted to say is that, I became a convert and an instant fan! It is not actually very hard to like and adore Allison, with her big doe eyes and charming personality.

For those who are wondering, I have met Allison last week – and I shared the story here. It was not a coffee or dinner date kind of meeting That would be funny and awkward (again, I am still a girl the last time I checked). Although a dinner date with Allison would be awesome!

I am not the type who easily get excited at the sight of a celebrity. The only time I found myself screaming and going gaga over a celebrity (actually a group), was when the New Kids on the Block came in Manila for a concert! But when I saw Allison and covered the event the whole afternoon, there is something about her that drew me to her. Must be the personality.

I thought we would missed our chance to meet Allison, but thank you to our friends in One Mega Fashion for accommodating us and the 150 fans who lined up to say hi  to Allison. The Meet and Greet was organized, but fans started going up the stage after the 150th fan’s picture was taken. Maybe, it is flattering for a celebrity to get mobbed, but isn’t it threatening too? (I just thought).

It was nice to actually sit there in front, and observe fans and Allison (and Suki Salvador! who is so awesome and fun!). From girls, young kids to men who simply adore Allison – they all waited for their 1-minute chance to talk to Allison. I have never been to a live fan’s day but I got to witness how Allison sincerely interacts with her fans.

She gets excited and touched when fans come to her with a gift (I know, Filipinos make such good fans! Really sweet!). Most of the gifts are paintings of her portrait (which she graciously adores. I found out later that she also paints – oh yeah, I am now following her on instagram – she actually loved my photo I posted on IG ;)). At times, she felt bad that she couldn’t accommodate selfie pictures with fans (because the organizers are quite strict, and due to limited time, they wanted to accommodate everyone).

Looking at her from afar, I remember only watching her on TV as she competed with other girls to be the America’s Next Top Model. Who won on that season? I cannot remember. But look at her now, with a growing fanbase in the US, and around the world, it seems that she is more happier than the other girls on the same ANTM (and I used “happier” than “more successful”) ;)) Maybe she got a different definition to the word successful. I should have asked. 😉

I love it when I see meet people who are living their dreams.

Anyway, just to share some pictures I have taken (you might also see some of it in ;))

Click Read More to see more of Allison Harvard..

Nicole Andresson hosted the event 🙂

Everyone went crazy when she arrived..
including my camera!

Cute shoes!

Lucky Fan

Luckier Fan
Luckiest Fan (?)

Thank you One Mega Group and L’Oreal Philippines for the opportunity to meet Allison and Suki!

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