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Hip and Modern Korean Restaurant – Kogi Bulgogi, Gateway Mall

December 14, 2013

Three years ago, my friends and I planned to go to Peru, but because of different priorities, and changes in personal circumstances, the plan remains a plan. We thought that we can just go to Korea. Well, they did (the two of them, on separate trips), while I explored other countries and just craved for Korean food. 

There are so many Korean restaurants in Manila now, and somehow they try to give you the Korean-restaurant feel (well, I have never been to Korea, but I know how they do it – chopsticks, low tables, steam tables..). The newly-opened Kogi Bulgogi Restaurant in Gateway tries to be different though..
Okay, this is not a condo unit of a friend, or a production studio.. This is a part of the dining area of the Kogi Bulgogi restaurant in Gateway Mall, Cubao. 
I know, the lighting is so cute (I don’t even want to call it chandelier!), that it can pass as a display in the Science Museum!
The Kogi Bulgogi Gateway interior spells modern, hip, fun and relaxed! I can stay here forever. I love the frames there, in black and white.. Fun stoos in the long table – it feels like staying in a bar!

Click Read more to see more pictures of this hip Kogi Bulgogi branch…

 The restaurant looks like a modern furniture store! I want everything in it!

Super nice shelves, and pigeon holes. 
There are actual books on display. 

 Very nice modern Korean art on the right side of the restaurant. Not your typical plain painted wall. Very cute!
The Christmas Tree is up! 
And what is that? A bike on display! Makes me think of summer!
(which reminds me, I need to learn how to ride a bike!)


The dining area is so spacious. 
There are tables for family, partners, or big groups. 
We got comfy in our seats (that long couch on the right side of the pic with too many throw-pillows – we are complaining! ;)) that we didn’t want to leave. 

The new Kogi Bulgogi restaurant gives a homey, relaxing atmosphere that I can stay there alone (I wouldn’t mind). You wouldn’t feel that you are in a restaurant, and I seriously felt at home, I was laughing so loud with all the crazy stories that we talked about, I forgot there are other diners. 
It was a surprise that even on its opening day, the branch has a good turn-over – must be the lively color of the restaurant and the hip ambiance – and of course, THE FOOD!
Fried Gyoza  (Php 130) will always be loooove!
Salmon Skin Roll (Php208)
Tip: Open mouth, big and wide, and indulge 😉
Don’t let your friends take your picture. If you are surrounded with blogger 
friends, you are dead. 😀

California Roll – 8 pcs (Php 148)
is served like a triangle 😉 but just as good!  

Tempura will always be part of the meail!
I had a Biibimbap (Php 210)
I love that the serving is just good to make you full. 
No wasted food here 🙂

We were already feeling full, but Enzo suggested that we try the Ginseng Chicken. He said that he was able to taste it in Korea and it is really soothing and good. It is a whole young chicken boiled with ginseng. I though it was just a simple soup, but it also has rice (like our rice porridge or lugaw). This is very flavourful, and a break from the typical heavy thick soup. We were kidding that after having the soup, we would feel better (as if we have flu!) – and we did feel good after. Thank you Enzo for sharing this! 

Ginseng Chicken

What good is a meal without after-lunch drinks? Kogi Bulgogi also offers wines and liquor, but we decided to try the offerings from Cafe Soon!

It is housed in the Kogi Bulgogi Gateway branch, and it offers yummy pastries and cakes! No need to leave the place to get your dessert and coffee fix. 
Cafe Soon offers hot and cold coffee.
Next time I will try the cakes!

Restaurants located inside the mall are usually limited to the usual design and interior, but this new restaurant is uber cute, It can be mistaken as a bar-slash-coffeeshop. I wish they have outdoor dining though 🙂
I will sure be back. Who wants to be my date? 😉
Congratulations again to Kogi Bulgogi and thank you Myke for the invite! I seriously have no idea if he has anything to do with naming the Cafe Soon. Maybe yeah. 😉
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What can you say about Kogi Bulgogi’s design and interior? 
Have you tried dining in at the Gateway Mall branch?
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