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Wedding at Wine Bar 1771: A Different Romantic Wedding Set-Up

December 29, 2013

When I walked up the Wine Bar 1771 in El Pueblo, I thought it would be nice to walk down the aisle and welcome guests in a cozy reception area set up in the Wine Bar 1771.

That. Is. So. Not. Me. I don’t have an idea of a dream wedding. Unlike most of the girls I know, who were already thinking of their dream wedding when they were young girls (I am not sure if I should blame Disney fairy tales), I never thought of my wedding. Or a dream man. Maybe, at this age, I should start thinking what my real preference is. I am too old to be confused. 

Anyway, the set-up was not actually done when I arrived. Jay and Jen of Flower Power were still doing finishing display. It is a Christian wedding and Jen shared that the couple loves wine – which explains the wine bottle displays in every table – that is the first thing I noticed. The table set-up and beautiful flower arrangement.

Bricks and wood. My friend told me he wants his house to be built with these materials – because it is homey, and relaxed. I always want something modern and simple, but being surrounded with wooden furniture, old antique pieces and brick walls, why do I feel a sense of romance? I am loving it.

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I suddenly miss reading books..
I love the scroll display that was hand-written by the stylist’s mother-in-law. 

The wedding cake is also on display. It reminds me of beautiful leaves that you only see during Fall. 
It was ordered from Gigi Coffee and Cakes.
I couldn’t get tired taking pictures of the set-up.


The sun is shining beautifully that afternoon..

Even the table numbers are well thought of.. 


Wooden flower vases with hard-bounded books as base


Empty wine bottles make a good flower vase too

When the groom finally arrived, he was so surprised and overwhelmed with the venue. We were certain the bride would be more than happy. You know girls always have that tendency to swoon.

We went down to give the family a little privacy, it was time that the Bride has arrived. We, on the other hand also got to taste the nice food offerings from Wine Bar 1771 for their Wedding Package.

Fresh Garden Salad with two dressings
Minestrone Soup

Roasted Rosemary Chicken
Seabrim Aglia Olglio

Pasta with two sauces
Roasted Tomatoes

Creamy Mushroom Sauce
which is good with the fish dish 😉

We also had a desserts which are sooo good and yummy!

 Assorted Macaroons

Mango Creme Brulee

Cherry Lemon Torte

Evasion Squares

I fell inloved with these squares! They were saying that the couple were speechless the first time they tried it, while I, on the other hand wanted to scream with delight! Seriously. I love the blend of flavors – strawberry, with a hint of cheesecake and tiramisu. Three different desserts I love. 

You may consider booking a reception in Wine Bar 1771, and work with Flower Power Team (Jay and Jen) for the styling and flower arrangement. Wine Bar 1771 offers wedding food packages and the one that is featured here is worth Php1,699 + (10% service charge). Still a lot cheaper than booking in a hotel. What’s nice, you can make the venue more intimate. It can accommodate up to 40 to 100 guests. Will post the details of the Flower Power Team once I get it (unfortunately, they missed to bring business cards that day!)

Now here I am waiting for the groom….

 and the bride 😉

The Wine Bar 1771
2F Cafe 1771, El Pueblo Real de Manila, 
cor. J. Vargas & ADB. Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 

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