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Yes, Another List of 10 New Things to Do This 2014

January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! 

It is my official entry for 2014. I have been itching to launch blogger, but I thought I would start the year right by doing a little cleaning and de-cluttering. I started with the things that I see – in my room.

I am sure you have read alot of articles and lists of the things that one should start doing in 2014  – like, travel alone, save up, make a gratitude jar, eat healthier, turn off smart phones, donate more to charity and volunteer, etc.

We have read that, done that and marked most of them in our lists.

Now, sharing my list πŸ˜‰ Hopefully, it would help you to reinvent yourself, do better at work, and experience more things in life.

1. Organize your files. 

And I mean, old billing statements, work files, press releases (bloggers and media people can relate!). This will give you a sense of organization to start the year. I started with this yesterday, and I saw a lot of fun pictures, love letters and stuff that I realized no longer mean anything to me.  I know I am such a pack rat. Try to check those old boxes and files. It’s a good way to remember the past too.

2. Organize your Hard Drive.

Delete old files/pictures you don’t use (memories you want to forget). Upload and share pictures stored in your hard drive. Transfer files to an external drive. Make some space for new memories. It feels like you have a new machine too πŸ™‚

3. Re-visit your Friends and Your Friends List.

I only have 500 plus friends in my Facebook Account, and to tell you honestly, I have not connected to most of these friends  for the longest time. So, I did try to connect with them on the new year’s eve (depending on which country they are in), just to say hello and wish them well this 2014. I want to let them know I want to stay connected and stay friends.

My Indian friend said:

“Stay connected with the people who are important in your life”
You see, people always say they want to meet new friends and meet more people.. but do they actually stay connected and nurture the relationships that they build? 

And for those friends you have on your list who never even bother to connect with you (that you sometimes get surprised that they are on your friends list when their updates show up on your feed), then maybe it is time to check where they should really belong in your list.

4. Travel with Someone You Haven’t Traveled With

Most of the articles asked you to travel alone.  I think I have done that, partially. πŸ˜‰ But, I am no brave soul, so traveling with new friend/s would be a nice adventure.

I am actually thinking of inviting people or someone that I didn’t know or I haven’t interacted yet, but that’s a crazy idea.

Click Read More to read 5 to 10…

5. Master One Awesome Song 

So the next time they hand you a microphone during a karaoke night, you know your anthem! Filipinos are natural singers. Unfortunately, I was not prepared when a country manager of one awesome company handed me a mic, and he knew Filipinos are good singers.  I sang a Backstreet Boys song πŸ˜‰

6. Fall In Love and Enjoy the Ride. 

That’s it. Period. πŸ™‚ Don’t over analyze things, overthink or overreact.

7. Stop Taking Too Many Instagram Pictures and Enjoy the Moment. 

I love taking pictures and I still bring my camera whenever I travel or go to special, meaningful events. I love it because it lets me capture the moment, and still give me the time to enjoy every minute of it.

This is for the people who love using Instagram and social media. Friends are actually posting their best moments of 2013 via an app in IG that pulls data based on the pictures with most likes. Ironically for me, the best moments of my 2013 are not in Instagram, and are not measured by the likes and comments I got. It is in my Belle De Jour planner! Ha! Old school, I know πŸ˜‰

Point is, one should live the moment. The real moment and not the one in social media. πŸ™‚

8. Try to Learn the One Thing that You Cannot Just Learn

Cannot make a good sunny side-up? Cannot learn how to strum and play guitar? Try to learn them this year. I think I have 3 in my list.. and I have 12 months to learn at least one so I can cross it out. I won’t share my list, so I can fake it.

9. Live Life Like a Kid

They are honest, curious, playful, and carefree. Worry less about life. I know there are ten million of issues that we need to deal with as adults, but the only way to handle stress is to not think of it.

And when I say, live life like a kid, I mean, wearing rompers and jumpers too! They are fun and comfy.

10. Smile More Often.

Because it is contagious. Smiling can make you close a deal, get to know that guy you are crushing on, or make you win a beauty contest. I smiled more often in 2013, and it felt better. I also laughed louder and enjoyed life more. That probably explains why people didn’t believe me when I shared that one point in my life, I felt unhappy which lead me to make a big decision that is changing my life today – in a positive way.

I hope you find this list helpful. Also read about the 365 Grateful Project and the 52-Week Family Savings Plan. 

I have a weekly gratitude list in my Belle De Jour planner which lists events, materials things, happenings, thoughts and people’s names that made me happy on that certain week. Everyday might not be always a sunshine, so I am keeping the weekly gratitude list instead.

As for finances, I will continuously just keep all my 5’s and 10’s coins in a piggy bank. There might be days that I will not even earn even a peso, so will just stick with that plan. Anyway, money is good when you spend it. πŸ™‚

What new things you are planning to do this 2014?

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