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In Canada’s Wonderland

January 30, 2014

It is starting to warm up in Manila. A few days ago, I was almost ready to bring out my gloves and winter clothes from the closet. But then I know, this weather is not the coldest I had experience. I tried to recall the time when I felt so cold – almost freezing. Down the memory cells, it hit the spot in my brain archived in the year 2012 – in Canada’s Wonderland. 

I remember sitting in the park, and trying to enjoy the Funnel Cake (ah, Funnel Cake! batter cake with ice cream and strawberries! Yum!). 

 I couldn’t remember the temperature then, but I know it was freezing cold that we chose not to take anymore rides because of the cool wind and dark clouds. The signs in the road says that Canada was having a long summer – but since I live in a Tropical Country, it already felt like winter for me. We were even planning to wear jumper shorts (to be cute!) – just because we were visiting a theme park. That would kill us.

In Canada’s Wonderland, I survived the cold weather and the deadliest roller coaster ride – Leviathan (read about Leviathan – Tallest and Fastest in Canada). We came to the park late in the afternoon, and my friends (who went earlier) had already tried most of the rides. They told us that they had tried the Leviathan. I was with a daredevil and we thought we should do the deadliest ride first – so we did.

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Pictures of the roller coaster railings I had taken on our way inside the park. 
Walking from the parking lot 
I thought those poles and steel bars are just there for display 

There was a loooong line to the ride – and when we reached the platform, there was even a longer ride in the front seats. We waited. When were on our turn to take the seat, the ride attendant announced that they encountered some technical issues with the ride (I was thinking, not today!). They ran the ride without any passenger just to check its safety, then we got the go signal to take the seat.

Surprisingly, the ride has no body lock bar or seat belts. You just sit on the chair that resembles the ones in fastfood chains, and you just hold on to a steering-wheel like thing in front of you.

I was so worried that my hair (I had long hair then) would get stuck in the railings that I had to keep it tied and secured inside my jacket. Then the longest 90-seconds of my life happened. Check this video to experience the ride:

I would have wanted to record my actual ride but they do not allow riders to bring gadgets and stuff. My friend just let it all free – without holding on to anything. I regretted that I had to hold on to the bar putting some resistance. If it was not too cold then, I would have rode the Leviathan again.

After the ride, I felt stronger! Haha. I felt like I could ride all the deadly rides in Canada Wonderland. But, the freezing weather prevented us. It was my 3rd week in the city and I was feeling already feeling sick.

Check out the seats of Leviathan – that’s how cruel the ride is!

Here are the other riders in Canada Wonderland..

Yeah, like the Anchor’s Away!

This is wild!

Beautiful scenes
Inside the Funnel Cake Store

The Snoopy we bought for a friend 🙂

The park has some nice stores selling souvenir items and really affordable eating joints too. We left the place and had nice coffee from Tim Horton’s. Just perfect for the cold weather.

There you go, fun memories in the Theme Park

and by the way, after the day ended my friends admitted that they had never tried the Leviathan – and they were just playing some joke on me. Too bad for them. They were kicking themselves for missing the ride on our way back to the hotel 🙂

Please note, Canada Wonderland is closed during the Winter Season.
Daily Pass Ticket: $39.90

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