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Open Kitchen in Kapitolyo

January 26, 2014

Last week, my good friend brought us to the new restaurant in Kapitolyo called Open Kitchen (by 48 Concepts). He promised he would treat us to dinner for his birthday (which happened 3 months ago!), and yes, he did keep his promise. We were a happy threesome!

I know that the Open Kitchen would soon be a favorite place of foodies in the Metro. First, Open Kitchen has super unique offerings (we got to try a soup with ice cream! and dessert with nicotine!) and second, the secluded location and simple ambiance make it a perfect nest for (forbidden) lovers.


White walls, simple decor, minimal design and brick-like posts. I love the ambiance. It is very light and cozy. We love that it just recently opened and there aren’t much diners when we arrived. Well, we were early for dinner at 5:30 PM. 🙂

Simple Tables and Chairs

Click Read More to know more about that soup with ice cream and dessert with nicotine..

Simple centerpiece

 Simple frame decors

 Open Kitchen it is!

A view of the dining area from the Al Fresco

 Organic Herbs and Plants in the Al Fresco
which the chef also uses for iced teas and garnishing

Comfy and Secured Al Fresco Area


What’s for Eats?

Pumpkin Vanilla Soup (Php140)

We got intrigued with the text vanilla ice cream on the menu.
 I never know ice cream can go well with soup. Well, I love pumpkin soup, it is sure a winner. 
How to eat? Scoop the ice cream first and spoon in some warm soup. Enjoy.
You may also mix it together, but for the ultimate experience, scoop and spoon in! 😉

I forgot the name of this dish! Shoot me!
I think this is the Nested Egg. 
It works like a salad and appetizer. 

Anise Pork Belly (Php 420)

Flavorful, tender meat that melts in your mouth – that kind of experience. 
I ordered this because it comes with rice, but you can order rice separately. 😉

Rosemary Beef Shanks (Php530)
It comes with kamote marshmallow mash, a good substitute for mashed potato.
It is tender but I find the flavor a little too strong for me. 
I enjoyed the mashed kamote. 😉

The serving is good for sharing (there were 3 of us!). 
We want to complete the Open Kitchen experience, so we ordered desserts..
In the middle of conversation about boys, rubber shoes and intimacy, a guy who was sitting next to us in the al fresco suggested that we try the Coffee and Cigarette as the dessert really comes with nicotine. 
We got intrigued, so we ordered..
Coffee and Cigarette (Php105)
This is panna cota with roasted walnuts and kick! That kind of feeling when you smoke Marlboro Red – well, we were told that chef did use Marlboro Red to add a little flavor to this dessert. The cigarette-like thing there is white chocolate.
As they put it, it is a good food to get someone addicted, as it does contain nicotine. It is a good dessert experience (the truffle on the side is good though).

Classic Crem Brulee (Php 120)
It is a classic goodness! Plus the strawberry and truffle on the side!

We were ready to leave to have coffee in another place, when the guy seated next to us was served with freshly brewed (we found out he is friends with the owner of the restaurant). Like a love potion, it hit us and we decided to stay and order coffee. 
What is interesting is that aside from the fresh brew, it is also served with cookie truffle (you can choose from 3 flavors – chocolate chili, dark chocolate and white chocolate).
We tried both dark chocolate and white chocolate. 
It is a different coffee experience, very much like having a mocha latte (or latte) 
without the flavor mixed in your coffee. 
Coffee (Php120)

Open Kitchen also serves iced tea 
Also, wine, per glass:
Premium White Wine Php 280
Premium Red Wine Php 340


We were really impressed with the server who assisted us. She knows the products, and what to recommend. As the restaurant is relatively small and new, you can expect staff is attentive. I just hope they can maintain this kind of service.

Total Damage:

Php 2,500 plus which is really affordable. I feel that most of the items are affordable and comparable to other restaurants, except for the main dishes (ranges 300 to 500).


You can park outside the restaurant.

Plastic Money:

Currently, Open Kitchen is only accepting cash payment, no credit card transactions.


Ah, you know me, and my (bladder) human problem (as someone calls it), Open Kitchen has a well maintained washroom (with bidet!) – but it is a shared one.

Dress Code:

Come as you are! It serves French cuisine, perfect for intimate dinners, but we came in our sweaters and Chucks! 


Mostly families. We found out most of the diners are people who live within the area.

The Verdict:

We love the Open Kitchen! The Chef has really great influences from different countries. My friends are teasing me that I might be back here for special dinner. Yes, probably, for another feature 🙂

(Belated) Happy Birthday again TP and thank you for the awesome dinner! I wish to post our pictures, but they are very private people. So…

Open Kitchen 
by 48 Concepts
71-B East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
02 7380102 , +63 9176363573

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