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First #SkyScannerPhKapihan

January 24, 2014

I got hundreds of travel stories that I have not shared and published. The memories are kept in the external drive like unresolved cases waiting to be revisited. It is not easy to publish a travel story ( – especially when traveling!). Most often, you just want to shut down your computer and enjoy the experience. But of course, part of you want to share and inspire people to also explore places.  Hands down to all the travel bloggers who never get tired of documenting their adventures.

It is a great move for Skyscanner to launch this year’s Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Award 2014, an award given to travel blogs from selected countries in Europe and Asia which recognizes the excellent work of travel bloggers in informing and inspiring travellers by sharing their adventures and first-hand experience.

Last Wednesday night, Skyscanner held its first Kapihan, an intimate get-together with lifestyle and travel bloggers where Skyscanner also announced the nominees for this year’s Bloscars Travel Award! Woot, woot! I got to meet some of them during previous travel events and I know they tell really good stories and maintain awesome blogs!

Class Picture!
Picture by Fleishman Hillard

Click Read More to know more about the Bloscars and Skyscanner…

The country winner will compete with regional finalists, and of course we want the over-all winner to come from the Philippines! They may ask us to vote for them (and of course there would be weekly winners from the voters pool!). I am hopeful to provide more info on this in the coming days.

Skyscanner is a helpful app that will help you get the cheapest air fare for both local and international flight. It gives helpful information about travel trends and trips (check out how to avoid jet lag). It feeds information from airlines and provides the same airfare without additional charges. A future enhancement would be hotel booking functionality.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Chicken Tandoori

Some kind of a good drink. 
I enjoyed the event too much, forgot to jot down the name 🙂

Tablea Chocolate Cake
Turon with Choc-Nut Sauce

Ms. Janet Ranola, Senior Marketing Manager of Skyscanner
welcomed us and shared with us her own travel stories.
Cute presentation on how Skyscanner helps alot of travelers plan their trips!

What is an event without games? Fleishman Hillard does know how to come up with awesome activities. First Game was Picture Game, where in we were grouped and needed to guess the places featured in the slides. Who do you think won? Travel Bloggers of course 🙂 
Second Game was a bit tricky. 
Box being passed around the group and when the music stops, 
you have to unwrap and do the dare. 
Here’s FPJ Jr, doing the Gentleman Dance

Melo singing a song and dedicating to a good friend who
recently passed away.

The last person who got the box (without any more dares to complete) got to win an Ipad Mini! and who do you think won?

Well, if you have no idea, you should start following me on instagram to be updated on my stories.

Thank you again Skyscanner for empowering more people to travel, and to Fleishman Hillard for organizing the awesome event. I seriously like light events like this. Good luck to our awesome travel bloggers! Enjoy the ride!

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