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Celebrate Life Everyday

February 24, 2014

I remember the Brown Bag Session I had attended before with a top executive of the company I was working for. One lesson he has shared with us is to celebrate simple accomplishments. I followed his advice and gave it a little twist. I started celebrating life everyday.

Goya has the same goals and aspirations. Who can forget Goya Chocolates? The brand has been part of our childhood when imported chocolates were only accessible through “padala” and balikbayan boxes. Goya let us live our childhood dream through a fun event last Thursday, the Celebrate Everyday with Goya. 

Where should I start? Ok, a chocolate buffet!

Twists are love!

Click Read More to see how we Celebrate Everyday with Goya..

All the Goya brands are laid in a buffet table and we can eat everything we want! Childhood dream come true!

Goya has been in the market for 5 decades (and uses Swiss chocolate-making technology), and the brand continuously reinvents itself from the first cube-sized chocolates in foil to more flavors, and exciting products in fun packaging.

Look at these bits! It was my first time to try these!

These are my favorites!!! Especially the ones covered 
with Dark Chocolates!

Aside from the usual milk chocolate, Goya has also introduced other flavors 
like Almond Chocolate, Creamy White and Dark Chocolate. 

There are also spreads (which is surprisingly not sweet) 
and baking products like chocolate syrup, brownie mixes and cocoa powder.

I love brands that take care of their people, and Goya is one of them. Sir Josenilo Chincuanco Jr, General Manager of Goy, attributes the success of the brand to its people in the background – from the factory, administration, marketing and sales. We felt how happy the people are in Goya during the event, it is one of the lightest events I have attended. Everyone seems like celebrating.

We were even joined by Kim Chiu, who is the new brand ambassador and endorser of Goya. She shared that she grew up eating Goya – and she even used to buy them after school.
Can I just share that I like her in the film – Bride for Rent? She gamely joined the activities that night and it was funny that she remembered me even if we were not formally introduced. 🙂 

This is a fun time when she started singing 
and the audio has stopped playing, and she just laughed it off. 
She does know how to celebrate life and its surprises. 

Part of the activities is the Cooking Challenge. 
While this was happening, I was asked to go up the stage for the taste challenge.
We were blindfolded and we had to guess the 4 chocolate flavors. Someone got all the flavors correctly faster. I lost but I enjoyed the chocolates. Another fun activity was the photo-opp with Kim. We got the chance to pose with her and the best picture would get a 5-minute interview with her.
I was being playful that night, so I lined up and posed with her. She was cool when I asked if it is ok if we pull each other’s hair while holding the Take It chocolate bar. 

 Here she was, choosing the winner..
And yes, she won!

That was a fun night!

So what is the take-away? Lots of Goya Chocolates, and lesson that we need to celebrate life everyday. Send you lover some Goya chocolates, or treat your coworkers with Take It chocolates. Bring home some good Goya Raisins to your parents. Celebrate life with Goya. We don’t really need to wait for big events to celebrate, and besides, Goya chocolates have always been affordable.

What are your favorite Goya products? 

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