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Oishi Smart C+ Says Think About Your Drink

February 7, 2014

I was hoping the cool weather would extend until late February, but it feels like someone has turned off the big air conditioning unit in Metro Manila. It is starting to warm up again, and I feel the need to drown myself with more water.

I love water and I prefer water over carbonated drinks, juices and other flavored drinks.. I look at water like the most wonderful drink in the world. I thought this is all I need to keep me healthy in this weather (when people are more susceptible to catching colds, and other diseases)  until, this box came in the doorstep.

 A box of Oishi Smart C+ drinks! 

I got so excited, I placed a few bottles in the chiller!

I have tried Oishi Smart C+ (Lemon Squeeze is my favorite!) before, but I still choose water (like a first love). But now that I am more active, more exposed to more people (oh yes, I do commute and ride LRT/MRT), and have a changing sleep hours – I think I need to take more Vitamin C.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C?

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  • boosts immune system
  • essential for collagen which is the main protein in connective tissue = keeping us look young
  • helps in building bones, healthy teeth and wound repair
  • effective antioxidant which helps to protect our bodies from free radicals which cause oxidative stress. 
  • helps in lowering blood pressure and this lessens the chances of getting hypertension

Oishi Smart C has 500 grms of Vitamin C in each bottle. I love that it is not sweet unlike most of the other juice drinks in the market (yes, I have tried most of them!). It tastes like a freshly-squeezed fruit. It is also very refreshing – as the label stamped on it says “thirst quencher”, and it is! I don’t feel thirsty after taking a gulp – unlike most of the other juice drinks that leaves a sugary taste.

Oishi Smart C+ has 3 flavors – Pomelo Grapefruit, Orange Crush and Lemon Squeeze.

Most of my friends love Pomelo Grapefruit, but I still prefer the Lemon Squeeze 🙂 I love it chilled and I am so enjoying it. I am actually having it now. 🙂

So.. I am joining Slater Young (Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited winner) in this smart choice.

Thank you Oishi for the Smart C+ supply – my daily dose of Vitamin C!

Connect with Oishi – @oishi_tweets  use hashtag #thinkaboutyourdrink

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