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Momax iPower Xtra: Healthy Energy Drink for Your Gadgets

March 25, 2014

When I started working with people who travel and relocate to different countries and locations, I thought how fun it is to be always traveling. But when I had a taste of what it was like to travel for business, I realized how challenging it is to be a mobile employee (but I am telling you, it is much more difficult to be a Mobility Representative supporting mobile executives ;)).

Until I left my job as Mobility HR Representative, and found that I am a mobile worker myself – I have always been. I remember working (and sometimes blogging, if I were not sleeping ;)) in the cab, answering emails via mobile phone and once I even worked in the airport. If there is anything that is worse than delayed flights or being stuck in the traffic, it is the blinking red light in your mobile phone, camera, or device that only means – emergency! Battery is running low!

An energy drink is what we needed when we are always out, traveling and commuting. Just in time, this Momax Energy Pack came in the door step and gave me the power juice I needed.

I super love the design! With just a lift of the cap, it will give you new energy! This is true to what we usually feel when our gadget’s battery goes out. My mobile phone once died on me, and I was out to meet someone. I remember the joy when someone offered me his charger and the battery bar blinking up and down seems like a signal of new life for me!
This is one of the coolest battery packs I have seen in the market. It does look like an energy drink in a fancy cute can. I love that it is small and easy to pack. 

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To be honest, I don’t worry much about my mobile phone’s battery life. This is actually what I love about my Lenovo P770. But other than my mobile phone, I bring camera, iPad mini, and my new Kube mp3 player – sometimes my Nude Bluetooth speaker (I know, I am Mary Poppins! I bring a lot of stuff!). The coolest thing about the Momax Power Bank Xtra, it is compatible with other gadgets, unlike most of the power banks that can only be used with iPhones (ah, seems like the brands know iPhone’s biggest flaw!)

Imagine if you will be traveling and you need to bring each gadget’s charger and cord. Too much trouble packing and loading. The healthy pack comes with manual and mini-cord. The 6,600 mAH power feature is the largest power capacity for a small power bank like this.

Yes, it can charge my iPad Mini.
The blue LED string lights up as it charges, and shows the status of the battery.

The 4 LED lights represent 100% of reserved battery energy. It has this auto-power off feature that automatically shuts down when no device is plugged in. 
The mini-cord is compatible with my Lenovo P770. Love!

It can also supply energy to my newKube mp3 player

And power up my Nude S speaker!

I love that it comes with portable universal USB which you can use with other gadgets, and at the same time can work with any USB enabled device (e.g. computer) for recharging.

Re-charging the Momax iPower Xtra might take several hours (prolly around 12 hours?), so better do it overnight. 
It does look like a key-chain, and with its quirky design, it would even make a good conversation starter (yes, yes!), especially if you are out and traveling 😉 Who ever thought charging can be so stylish? 

Why I love the Momax iPower Xtra power bank?
  • The quirky design
  • Compact and easy to pack
  • Durable – not made of soft metal
  • Compatible with other gadgets

Price: Php 2,450

I know it is a bit pricey, but it is durable and can last longer than most of the other power banks. It is much cost effective to invest on this than buy extra batteries for your camera.

You can get Momax iPower Xtra healthy power drink charger at Digital Walker, Digital Hub and Beyond The Box stores.

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