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NudeAudio Bluetooth Speakers in Black

April 11, 2014

How about entering a club with blazing sound coming from the speakers hanging like decors? A clear, precise sound coming from NudeAudio speakers..

Here is a sleek sight that greeted me (not in the club) but in Yardstick Coffee during the launch of the new color collection of NudeAudio Speaker. 

The NudeAudio Speakers are innovative speakers which are sleek, portable and stylish. The first collections come in Mint Green/White and Black/Orange combinations. What makes them extra-special is the Bluetooth Connectivity feature that allows one to enjoy music without the wire connection that often limits entertainment and mobility. The units come in small, medium and large size and they are ultra portable and durable as they are covered with kitchen-grade silicon. During the event, they invited jugglers to use the Nude Audio S speakers instead of balls to throw and juggle. I was at the edge of my seat!
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And now, joining the NudeAudio family is the Black Collection. I find it classic and stylish. We were on a discussion with blogger friends sharing our views about the color combination. I initially find all black stylish and sleek, but I have to agree that it is a bit conventional and safe. For those who want something with fun statement, go for the Black/Orange combination. 
On a side story, I am loving the industrial feel of the Yardstick Coffee. The coffee shop offers interesting coffee drinks. I have to try the Cold Brewed Coffee – which is more flavorful and strong than the usual Iced Coffee.

Seems like the interior blended with the Nude Audio Speakers colors

NudeAudio Speakers are fun, stylish and portable. Perfect for travel and display. I wish to share my review in this blog soon. For now here are the prices: 

NudeAudio Speakers
  • MOVE S Wired Php 1,290
  • MOVE S Php 1,990
  • MOVE M Php 2,990
  • MOVE L Php 5,990
  • Studio 5 Php 8,990

NudeAudio is available at Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Astrovision, Astroplus, iStudio, Mobile1, Rustans, iGig, iStudio, Switch, Technoholics, District 32, Sencolink, iCon, SM MAV

What do you think of the NudeAudio Speaker?

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