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Dunlopillo for Good, Undisturbed and Hygienic Sleep

May 25, 2014

My bedroom is my favorite place in the world and my bed is like a best friend to me. The bed has seen the best and worst of me. More than the (big) shoulder I can cry on whenever I feel sad, and the trampoline I can jump up and down to whenever I feel happy, my bed is the place I only want to be on after a tiring day (eerrr.. give me a hubby and that might change ;)). 

But what makes a good bed? The one that is not just soft, but provides safe, uninterrupted sleep from disturbances and harmful organisms. I never know a perfect bed exists (TV shows and sites told me that there is no real way to terminate the organisms sleeping with us on our beds), until we were welcomed to an afternoon tea party at the Rigodon Function in Manila Peninsula for the launch of Dunlopillo’s Florelle Collection.

Dunlopillo is an imported mattress brand from United Kingdom, and has been providing sleep solutions through quality beds and mattresses since 1929. The new collection provides a hygienic solution through the Tala Silver Technology which is effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and mold, including dust mites (okay, thinking about how much bacteria the bed has, makes me want to jump out of it now… and while I am writing this, why do I suddenly feel itchy, scratchy?!)

Click Read More to know more about Dunlopillo mattresses..

Aside from the natural antibacterial properties, Dunlopillo has Honeycomb Individual Pocketed Springs (IPS) that provides minimal partner disturbance from unintentional movement; while Parallel Individual Pocketed Springs (IPS) provides a spring system that follows the body’s contours while providing support (this may be beneficial for those with back problems). Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning feeling a little tired and restless because of the wrong bed position?

Dunlopillo is also infused with 5-Zone Pocketed Spring System that is based on body’s five zones – head, shoulders, waist, hips and thighs. This allows body balance and undisturbed rest.

The most interesting feature is the Outlast – which provides temperature-control properties balancing the body’s temperature requirements. If you are feeling hot, Dunlopillo will keep you cool; and when you are feeling cool, the bed will warm you up. This technology was originally developed by NASA.

While, the bed can only help us dream a good dream (like fly to the moon and be an astronaut), Dunlopillo allowed us to experience, lay and play on the Dunlopillo mattresses! They are comfortable, soft and durable.

Yes, we did!
Brand Ambassadors chose their favorite mattresses from the new collection – Katalia Plush, Romero Premium, Corina Luxe and Cashmerian, and I have to choose one too! 
I love the Corina Luxe! 
It has double pillow top design and foam encasement edge support.
They say that we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping.. and I have to share that I might spend half of my life working to own a Dunlopillo bed (to be fair with my 8-year old bed, it is still as good as the first time I lay down on it!) It is true that a good night sleep is a luxury! 😉 So if you have a chance, own it! (like the raffle winner who got to take home a Dunlopillo mattress!) For now, I would have to drown myself with a Dunlopillo pillow (thank you Dunlopillo and ARC!), and dream BIGGER.
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