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Bridal Sparty at Nail Cocktales Nail Salon

July 13, 2014

Sometime in February, my girl friends and I had a little fun time at Nail Cocktales Nail Salon in D. Tuazon for a sweet, intimate bridal sparty for our friend #Au. I wrote about our wholesome bridal shower in WheninManila.

In this blog, my friend #Larae shares her first nail salon experience. Please do keep on reading..
In my XX years of existence, I have never been in a nail spa salon. It just didn’t interest me at all. I just do my nails or bully my sister to do nail art on my nails. But having a pro do it, naaah. I won’t waste money on it. Besides, I don’t like my cuticle to be removed, it’s scary. Haha. 

First timer

But when I was asked by Ruth to join a bridal nail sparty for our friend, Au, I immediately said yes. Of course I wanna be there for a friend, and it’s my first time, so that would be the best time to do it, with girl friends! (Yeah, I sounded like a girly girl there! Sorry Trish.)

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Au and I met up and went together to Nail Cocktales. When we arrived, we were so fascinated with the salon. The place was so relaxing. I love the choice of colors for the couch and sofa, and their small room for group customers. 

The bride
While waiting for Ruth, I tried their massage. Yes they offer massage too. I chose upper body massage since my back’s been killing me for a month now. Unfortunately, it was not the kind that I was expecting, since what the masseuse did was only dry massage. 

Finally, Ruth and Trish came. Yay! Nail pampering began!! What didn’t occur to me was the difficult time I’d be having in choosing what color or which service I would choose. After almost an hour, I decided to go with gel polish and red for my toe nails, and brown for my fingernails. Yes, probably an odd choice.


Bridal party wouldn’t be a party without food!! So we had Shakey’s Pizza delivered and it was so nice of the staff to allow us to eat inside and even helped us with the table set up. 

Ruth was the last to had her nails done and we were not able to wait up for her since the bride and I still needed to go to work that night. 
Guess whose hand is not here? 

Thanks to Nail Cocktales for taking care of our nails. It was really a fun experience, but thank God I’m not really into these nail spa services because I’d really hate to spend 700 just for my nails. 

**End of Larae’s story ;)**

How cute and candid the way she narrates the story! She keeps on telling me that she doesn’t know how to blog, and I told her it is all about sharing a story. I did a lot of convincing and praying before she agreed to write this story in my blog, and I honestly enjoyed reading it! Thank you so much Larae 🙂 
** Photos taken by Larae
*** Edited by yours truly 🙂 
Anyway, if you are thinking of a fun, wholesome bridal party for your girl friend, plan a day of pampering by hosting a bridal sparty. 

Nail Cocktales 
TCC Center, Unit E, D Tuazon 
Sta Mesa Heights, Quezon City
Phone (Tel) 7083618 (Globe) 09278340518 (Smart) 09984871246

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