The Brow Studio Experience: Affordable Brow Service in Manila

I discovered a new brow specialty salon in Manila that offers really affordable brow services. Last month, I talked about how brows can brighten and change one’s look (and expression!). If girls feel that they need to spend a fortune to get a groomed eyebrows monthly, they need to experience the Brow Studio to change their (brow) belief. 
Brow Studio is the first Filipino brow specialty salon. It’s first brow salon was opened in Eastwood in 2010, and it now has 10 branches across the country. I got to visit the branch in SM North EDSA. Its interior is relaxed with touch of yellow and lavander.

I love the glass divider with a brow collage. You can play guess-that-brow-game while waiting for your turn (tip off – Brow Studio gets really busy, but the good news is, the grooming session only takes 15 to 30 minutes). 
Can you spot Tom Cruise’s?
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The salon is simple, clean and well-maintained.
Lounge chairs are used for optimum comfort
Brow Studio uses 100% anti-bacterial cotton thread in shaping eyebrows, unlike usual salons that use the normal sewing threads which easily breaks, and are more painful to use. 
My Brow Studio Experience
A designated Brow Designer  (Hope) was assigned to me and did an assessment of my brow condition/shape. I was told that my brows had such a high peak and I need to regrow the inner part of my brows. 
Hope is very meticulous in threading my eyebrows, that she even started threading the upper part of my brows, and the hair in between my eyebrows (the part on top of nose bridge). She said that they do include this part to make the shape of the brows stand out. I was not used to having these parts threaded. I requested to not thread these parts because I got worried that when hair started growing, it would be thick and I would have to maintain it. I thought, if it is not broken, better not fix it. The same principle I apply for maintaining the hair on my legs (well, I actually chose not to wax, or shave them because I don’t have much hair on my legs). It would be too much a worry for me to think of its maintenance. 
When Hope started doing my other brow (right brow – she started with left brow) she would then go back to my right brow to thread some parts, and pluck some hair. Maybe it was just me that felt that she was trying to fix something, or she is just probably that meticulous. 
I was told that Brow Studio Brow Designers go through through combination of classroom training and hands-on sessions. They are taught how to conduct facial hair shape assessment, eyebrow arch creation and thread handling.

She then massaged my brows with cooling gel and applied a brow make-up to shape my brows. At the end of the session, I was given a Brow RX (like a doc’s prescription!). Very cute! 
It contained the after-treatment care and and suggested maintenance I need to do for my brow. Everything is perfect in this prescription, except for my name 🙂 I am not a Dela Paz 🙂
For the end result, here’s my Before and After picture 🙂

I am happy with my new eyebrow shape. I love that Brow Studio also suggests that I can pluck my brow when hair start to grow, and only visit the salon if the brows get really unruly or bushy for re-shaping. 🙂

If you want to ask about the Pain Factor, well, different people have different tolerance level to pain. I would say, Brow Studio’s threading is less painful than that of salon’s I have experienced before. 

Brow Studio Products and Services

When Brow Studio suggested that I have my brows grown, they even have a recommended product for me to use. Brow Studio’s own formulation of Brow Vitamins that stimulates hair/brow growth! This product can be used morning and night. I am so excited to try this!!

Aside from the regular threading, plucking and eyebrow design and re-shaping, Brow Studio also offers brow coloring to match one’s hair color. I have learned that the recommended color for brow is one to two shades lighter than your hair. Brow Shade Tune Up is at Php 528.

The cute, homey salon also offers threading for other parts of the body, brow tattoo (which is also temporary that would only last for two to three years to match the skin’s aging condition so the client won’t be tied with greenish tattoo mark when she/he gets old), waxing, and IPL services.

For the wax services, they use two kinds – the Caramel Warm Wax which is an all-natural wax made of sugar, honey and kalamansi (underarm wax at Php 188). The other kind uses Gigi, a US Brand (underarm wax at Php 248).  Both are warm waxes which makes the pores open up making the hair removal much easier to do. They also both produce the same hair-free results, remove dead skin and exfoliate the skin.

For regular customers, Brow Studio offers the BC Card which you can buy like a package and saves you money.

Over the small chitchat with the Brow Studio owner, I found out that they also have men clients in the salon. They come for grooming services to remove the scattered hair around the upper eye to give them a fresher look, but maintaining the masculinity.

Brow Studio provides brow services that are easy on the pocket and accessible to many Filipinos. The initial Brow Design which includes assessment, reshaping and cleaning only costs Php 328, and succeeding visits for Brow Clean-Up is only Php 188.

Brow Designers are very scrupulous in doing their job, but it would be nice to give them heads-up of which area would you want untouched and threaded.

Thank you Brow Studio for my new groomed brows and treats! 🙂

The Brow Studio
5th Level, SM The Block
SM North Edsa, Quezon City

Check out Brow Studio‘s services and locations at https://www.facebook.com/BrowStudioPhils.
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