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Great Buys from HMR Sucat

August 10, 2014

When you are in an HMR store, you do not go home without a shopping bag. That’s gonna be a major, major shopping sin that one can commit, especially if you traveled a few kilometers from Manila to get to a new shopping mecca.

I was in HMR Sucat yesterday, for the launch of the Loro Sports. HMR Sucat is located inside the SM Hypermarket in Road South Superhighway, Sucat, Muntinlupa. The store is a lot bigger the one that we have visited in Pioneer.

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First, let me show you around.. We are so lucky that HMR Sucat is holding a Rainy Day Madness Sale!


There is so much to see and explore, but there are some items that are available in HMR Pioneer which are not in HMR Sucat. I wonder what other treasures I can unearth from the other HMR stores? Anyway, here are some pieces worth being-featured here:

Bath Set Php140 (now Php65)

Cute wall decor Php 49
These are nice replacement for light switch covers

I wish I have size for this! 
Bart Simpson Slippers Php149

This section has everything you need!
Paper bags, party hats, fancy plates, cups and invitation cards!

I always want to buy an espresso machine, but they are costly!

Imagine my surprise when I saw the tag price – Php 1,990!
Cute Robot Toy for Php 1,400

Denim Bags for Php150

Disney decors and figures for less than Php100

Christmas decors galore! I saw rolls of ribbons for only Php49!

 Now, here are my great buys!
You must be laughing looking at the garbage bin. Hey, I’ve been wanting to buy one but they are too expensive in the mall. My friend, Alex was laughing like a mad woman when he saw me walking with it, but I am just proud to get it for only Php 199 (less than $5!). I measured how my influence translate into a good metric, and I only needed to count up to 20, and I saw Myke walking back with his own bin. Hehe
The Hamilton Beach Kettle is another great buy! I initially saw a box with tag of Php 690. Myke told me he got one with Php390 tag on it. I got the one with a cheaper tag. Haha. When I went to the testing table, they advised me that it is only 110 volts, and I need transformer to be able to use it. No worries on that since we have one at home. I was also offered that the item is on sale at 50% off. Thinking the box that I got already has a discounted price, I accepted the good wholeheartedly, thinking I only need to pay Php390. When I got to the cashier, I was surprised when the POS showed Php195 ($5) when it was scanned! Indeed a great buy!

My other great buys: 
1. Fancy gift wrap with girls print! So me 🙂 Php15
2. Blank Cards Php15
3. Orange Peeler Php25
4. Halloween Cat Collar than Php100!)
5. More Cat Collars from  (less than Php100)
6. Ipad Mini Cover Php290 (my current one from Halo needed replacement!)
7. Convertible Chopping Board/Colander Php 149

I am so happy with the cat collars! They were actually great digs from Myke (from the very bottom of the decors basket!). I jumped when I saw them because I remember my friend who has 22 cats! She is so passionate about cats and dogs, and she adopts most of the cats (and dogs) she sees wandering in the streets! I hope the other 21 cats without collars would not bully the one who would get the cute fur collar! Haha. I am planning to give the others to my friend Trishia  (who also adopted a stray cat) – she covered the Rouroni Kenshin presscon for me!

Oh, I am so jealous! I wish I have a pet too! I still need to convince mom to say yes to another family member.

That’s all for this trip! 
I still look cute even with that stainless bin, yes? 🙂 

Have you visited HMR Sucat? What are your great buys?

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