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Great Buys from HMR Surplus Store

July 27, 2014

Yesterday, I have sinned. I shopped once again, and I think I did very well.

We discovered a really awesome surplus store in Pioneer – the kind where you can find very affordable items from food, appliances, office work, clothes, and stuff you didn’t know you would find there! If you love shopping, discounts, sales and imported goods, this is the place to be!

For a teaser, here’s a brand new Zipz shoes that I got for only… TADAH! Php 150! The items are already lower that the actual market prices, but the store is currently holding a sale event, and they event slashed off the price and gave me a good discount! Yay!

Okay, I am not sure if I really want to blog about this, because part of me wants to keep this a little secret because I am afraid that people might come rushing to the surplus shop, and I get bigger competition.. BUT, part of me is so excited and proud of my finds.. so here it goes.

The shopping haven I was in yesterday is the HMR Surplus Store in Pioneer. HMR is known as the Best Surplus Depot, it is linked to a strong international supply network of the HMR Group of Companies. The store buys anything and everything. It is operational since 1992 and has 8 stores in the country. Its first store is in Mandaluyong in a 5,000 square meter warehouse.

Click Read More to see what items the you will find in the HMR Surplus Store..

Let me take you around the HMR Pioneer and show you some of the items you can find there. You would be surprised at the selection!

First, I saw some nice and sturdy Italian furniture. A dining set only costs around Php15,000 (unfortunately, it is reserved!). These are the kinds that you would want in your home because they are unique. The kinds that you wouldn’t see in Caloocan 🙂

These foldable stools are only Php 299 each!

Wooden Cribs for the baby – very royal family!
Kitchen Caddy for only Php 5,000

Lovely bed and ottomans!

L-shaped Sala Set for Php18,000

 HMR also has LED, LCD TV, DVD Players, Computer, tablets and other electronics and appliances
(at very, very affordable prices!)
There are also toys for the kids and big boys!


I love this! I always wanted to take home the football table 
from my previous office’s pantry.. so now we know where to buy that Football Table
that Joey and Chandler from Friends always played on! 
Only Php7,690!

If you love stars and unicorns, and astronomy! 
Or you want to stay focused on your life and forget 
love distraction.. get this Digital Dartboard 

Trampoline and Exercise machines!
There are also things for home and office. If you are opening a new office, and you need lockers, pedestals, and other office equipment, you can get them at lesser price from HMR.
We call these mobile pedestals – R2D2  🙂
If you can relate, we probably worked in the same company 🙂 
I am thinking of getting one of these grill stands
Interesting find! A centerpiece lamp for the garden! Cute!
HMR also has food, snacks, even make-up, perfume, and accessories like Rayban shades, and watches. There are headphones and tablet/smartphone accessories. I heard that some of the products even come from Costco. We checked the expiration date of  the items, and they are good until 2015. 

For the fashionistas, here’s for you! I got overly excited because since most of the products are from US, I got my size! Yay!
When I stayed a few minutes in this little section, I was faced with the biggest dilemma, 
which shoes to buy?
Cute color! Very comfy pair for only Php 490
Another cute flats with fun design Php 490
This would be perfect with tiny shorts Php 490
I have to let it go. I thought I got a couple of unused booties at home, 
might as well go for more comfortable pieces I can abuse 
(I felt like a grown-up! Haha)
This is another cute pair! There are smaller size for kids, 
and the interchangeable tops are only Php75! Unbelievable!
I was supposed to buy one for my niece, but I don’t have her size!

The items come from different parts of the globe, and expect a lot of international brands. They also source goods from other stores and malls. I saw some shoes with Rustan’s tags! Buyers can go crazy even during deliveries that they await the delivery vans and hoard on the new items even before they were stocked!

It was fun digging through products and stuff. Although I love luxurious shopping at times (the one with the butler, yes, I would love that), I do enjoy this kind of shopping -where you get all sweaty and your hands go dusty, and it is like finding a pot of gold when you get a good piece, in nice condition and fits perfectly.

If you feel a little tired and hungry from shopping, there is a cafe next to it, Tasty Tucker.

Love the wooven cushion design of the chairs. They are not imported from Italy though 🙂
Salpicao is bitingly good and tender. Love the generous garlic bits! Php210
They have BIG BURGER!

Blueberry Cheesecake Php95

NEW Tiramisu Cheesecake! So sulit for Php 95!
and of course, PIZZA!

HMR would expand its business to provide specialized stores for other products. Take for example, the LORO Sports which specializes in sports apparel, especially Rugby. They felt that there are no special stores that sell apparel for this sport. Kuhlen is for airconditioners and freezers, while Schaffen is for tools and machineries. I love the Eco Habit brand which manufactures eco-friendly cleaning products.

I love that HMR supports waste management, and recycling of products, aside from providing goods that are usually at 50 to 70 percent lesser than the market value. Aside from the stuff that I mentioned above, HMR also has generators, microscope, and even lawn mowers. I thought it would be much nicer to buy stuff from HMR than battle the traffic and heat in Soler, Manila. I got overly excited when I found out they also participate in the Harringtons Auction!

Anyway, here are some tips when shopping at HMR:

  • Prepare for the big battle! Wear comfortable clothes, although the place is fully air-conditioned, you will still get sweaty with all the digging (I did get sweaty!).
  • Always check the condition of the goods. There are stations where you can have the electronic items tested, and there is a friendly crew who can assist you.
  • Check the complete package. Some of the products are displayed brand new but with open boxes. Make sure that you buy stuff with complete set esp for tools, screws and nails. 
  • Check the expiration dates of food. We sometimes get overly excited over sale and discounted products, but better check the expiration date and see if this covers the date when you intend to use/eat it.
  • Be careful with every twist and turn. Sometimes, you would feel like jumping when you see a good find, but be mindful of the displays and breakables around you. 
  • Bring cash and credit cards. HMR accepts credit cards, yes. 

Now, for my great finds! I am so proud of them! Haha. I felt like I won the challenge. Okay there is no challenge, we just set a Php2,000 budget for our shopping..

Everything for Php2,000!
Starter Set Php 550 (originally Php 750)
Okay, I got teased for buying this because (1) it is heavy, (2) they say I didn’t wait for my wedding to get a dozen of starter sets! Haha. But I am proud of it! I have been searching for plain starter sets and they are so rare, and mostly sold in piece. I love that this is 16-piece set with good, big mugs and bowls (not cups and saucers). We finally got to replace our square plates and fancy, colorful dinner set!. We are back to basic 🙂 

I just love fancy ramekins! Haha. My mom asked me what I am gonna do with all 
the ramekins I have! Haha. 
4 Set Php 79.50 (at 50% off)
3 Set Php 64.50 (at 50% off!)

Cute flats Php 490 

Yes, I got it! Php 147! It was originally at Php 400 plus.
 I was surprised when I got to the register and 
saw the price after the cashier scanned the barcode!
I think it retails at $35 (around Php1,200)

Digital DartBoard Php 590
.. because I don’t want sharp objects at home. I just got this for my brother 😀

Message Candies! This one has fun messages, just like the very popular
Message Candies we see in the malls. 🙂

My total is only at Php 1,972, and I just added another Message Candy Pack to close it to Php2,022! Wohoo! Some great buys! I cannot wait to go to another fun shopping! 🙂

If you want to shop at HMR, check out the surplus location nearest your home:

HMR Philippines Retail Stores:

HMR Pioneer Branch
Pioneer cor Reliance St. Mandaluyong City

HMR Araneta Center Branch
HMR Telus Bldg, Araneta Center, Quezon City

HMR Sta Rosa Branch
Daystar Industrial Park
Pulong Sta Cruz, Santa Rosa Laguna

HMR ESR Branch
21 KM East Service Road, 
South Superhighway, Sucat Muntinlupa City

HMR Novaliches Branch
Quirino Highway, Brgy Talipapa
Novaliches, Quezon City

HMR Adriatico Branch
M Adriatico, Malate Manila

Have you shopped at HMR?
What are your good finds?

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