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Lenovo N700: A Mouse that Transforms and Does Yoga

July 27, 2014

Have you ever seen a mouse who can do yoga? 🙂

I know someone who keeps rats as pet, and he sees the beautiful contour of the animal’s body (Hello, LadyRattus!). It twists and bends. My new mouse can also twist, bend and transform into a completely different tool. Check out my new Lenovo Dual-Mode Wireless Touch Mouse.


I welcomed this new yoga mouse in my “blog station” last month, and I have to be honest, we didn’t get a long very well at first. I had to understand how it performs and if this little sweetheart likes me too.

The truth is, I prefer my wired mouse over USB enabled mouse. I tried using a couple of USB enabled mouse in the past, but they all resigned from me (my fault), because I often lose the USB connector. But, the Lenovo N700 Mouse didn’t make it hard for me to like it.

Unboxing the Lenovo N700 Mouse

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I love how the VOID print suddenly appeared when I opened the box. I was worried that customs did too much inspection on my Lenovo package.

Clever packaging from Smart Company
The Lenovo N700 Mouse comes with battery, USB connector and booklet instructions. 


I love the matte finish which is scratch-free. It is light and handy, weighing only 81.5 grams. It works on any surface but I still prefer using it with a mousepad.

I kind of miss my wire, but Lenovo N700 Mouse has a solution for my careless ways of losing my USB mouse connector, the Lenovo N700 Mouse can be connected via Bluetooth. 

I love the Dual-Wireless Connectivity to freely switch between 
Bluetooth and USB connection 


It takes a little bit of getting used to maneuvering a mouse with such a design (I probably got used to using a really small mouse – why I have such big hands! Haha). The vertical scroll works perfect for Up and Down Slide like your normal mouse.

The Windows button can take me back to Windows Home Screen. For those who have Windows 8 running on their machine, the Lenovo N700 Mouse perfectly fits the easy swipe gestures. Swipe Right to go the last App you have used, and Swipe Left to go to the Charms Screen. It works perfect with my Lenovo Yoga (matching the color too!)

When the Lenovo N700 Mouse does yoga, it turns into a different new tool … a pointer!

Simply twist the mouse and select pointer in the switch, and you instantly have a pointer for your presentation. I didn’t get to test how far the laser beam can go though but it should work perfectly (and I doubt speakers who would use it would be too far from the wall).


Lenovo N700 Mouse also has a power-saving feature that shut offs when not in use. 
It uses two triple A batteries.

Lenovo N700 Mouse: Verdict

In this age when people look for functional tools that provide dual or multi-purpose, a Lenovo N700 Mouse is a must-have. It gives value for money with its sleek design, impressive functionality and seamless connectivity. A two-in-one mouse and laser pointer, that gives dual-wireless-connectivity. For most of us who are used to using wired, conventional mouse, you might feel hesitant to embrace and work with Lenovo N700 Mouse’s unconventional design. But that is the beauty of its lightweight toy, it fits perfectly to the hands of the user – no matter which mode or use (mouse or laser pointer!). It transforms and does yoga!

Get to know more about this Lenovo N700 Mouse here. 
Watch my video how the Lenovo Mouse transforms!
What do you think of this Lenovo Mouse?
Can your mouse do yoga?

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