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Gretchen Barretto for Karat World

August 1, 2014

Gretchen Barretto shone in front of the stage of the Cav Wine Restaurant as she was welcomed as the new brand ambassador for Karat World. I already took notice of the hoop earrings that she was wearing but she was like a star on that day as she glistened with her fun, and witty personality.

She said that she didn’t find it hard to say Yes for this endorsement. She likes that Karat World offers fine jewelry at affordable prices. She shared that the key is looking mamahalin (expensive), and with that, she shared her outfit of the day..

 Click Read More to know more about the Karat World x Gretchen Barretto Event..

She started with.. Look at my pants, does it look expensive? well.. it is just Top Shop! Look at my top, does it look expensive? Well.. it is really expensive! That’s Burberry! How about my shoes? Does it look expensive? Yes, that’s really expensive! And my earrings? Nope, that is not expensive.. that’s Karat World. 

With that she shared that the key is mixing and matching pieces to create your personal style and look classy.

Karat World as one of the leading jewelry brands in the Philippines which started its history from Iloilo. A family owned-business with expertise of 25 years, they need only to hear the name of Gretchen Barretto for all the family members to agree to get Gretchen as the newest brand ambassador. Karat World has exciting new designs to offer in line with Gretchen joining the Karat World Family. They tap best partners from countries like Italy, China and Hong Kong.

Media guests were given the chance to ask questions. When asked what one jewelry she can wear for her entire life (asked by mother Earth!), Gretchen said it is difficult to choose. She wants variety and she wants to accessorize. She cannot live with only one. She once again stressed how luxurious her loop earrings was! 
To make it more fun, she was asked to pick one who could bring home the same pair through a trivia contest. She said she didn’t want to pick (she’s so funny!), so she just asked whoever could get in front of the stage first.. and I lost my chance.
But the biggest surprise came when they announced that all of us could bring home a nice LockHeart bracelet inspired by hit series, A Beautiful Affair! Yay! I was shaking and excited when I took this picture!
Real simple and elegant!
We thought this comes with a lose key which you can 
give to your lover after the bracelet is locked!
To enjoy a luxurious event such as this, we were served with luxurious food 
prepared by Chef Marcus Feller

Crabmeat Salad

Wagyu Beef Steak
Forgot to take a picture of the luscious dessert – chocolate praline!

Some pictures from the event 🙂 
The set up is so pretty! Pang-telenovela peg!

Fine wine. 🙂

with Blogger Friends,
John, Earth and Rodel!
Ala-Familia Zaragoza!
with Entertainment Blogger Friends and Fun PR Friends
We stayed in Cav and shared good laughs.
It was refreshing to hang out with new blogger friends!
 We got to have our picture taken with La Greta, but I am too shy to publish. She is that pretty and fine
Anyway, here’s an OOTD..


 Top and skirt: Terranova
 Flats: Butterfly Twist
Check out the other luxurious and affordable jewelry from Karat World
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