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Pick it, Zip it, Keep it with Clothes Buffet Manila

September 7, 2014

Fifteen (15) minutes to raid racks of 30,000 clothes and get everything you want – skirts, tops, dresses, rompers and anything that you fancy! You can take home anything and everything. The catch? Your hauls must fit in a ziplock (a 32cm x 23cm bag) – and it must be zipped!

That’s how simple I want to describe the idea of Clothes Buffet! BUT, there is so much excitement and clothes-gasmic juices flowing in my brain over this wickedly awesome idea! Clothes Buffet is  more like a union of two big ideas – shopping spree + food buffet.

This is how I picture the Clothes Buffet, but I guess my ziplock is a little too big 🙂

I remember one of the contests in a noontime show where the winner got to take anything from the supermarket within 1 minute. I always dream of winning that kind of contest (but just like winning a lotto, you wouldn’t win unless you play the game and bet!). I was thinking, if I win I would grab all the chocolate bars and Pringles (forever a kid’s dream!).

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Clothes Buffet gave a little twist on that game and glamorized the treat by adding “buffet” in the name to make it a little more enticing! A buffet which means “eat-all-you-can” in a food setting equates to good food, variety and self-service. In the Clothes Buffet though, the tables are replaced with racks (and racks of clothes!), and instead of fancy caviar, fresh seafood and colorful desserts, they are placing skirts, tops, and dresses in the spread. To make it like a real buffet set-up, there are also different stations (don’t expect appetizer, salads, and desserts) – seems like every station is the Carving Station (or Dessert Station – whatever is your favorite)! Stations and racks are: Smart Chic, Girls’ Night Out and Festival Madness.

Does this post make you hungry (for shopping and styling?).

I can already feel my excitement bar exceeding my height! I bet this is a totally different shopping experience that would test one’s patience, strategy and style. 😉

I heard that the most number of clothes that fit the bag is 15 items. I seriously want to break that record!

Save the dates – October 17 and 18. The Clothes Buffet Manila will open the spread for all the fashionistas out there. You have to book  for a slot and prepare for the Hunger Games-like battle!

Check out for more details!

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