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After 7 Days with Glupa Whitening Soap

September 3, 2014

I have already made peace with myself (years ago) and accepted the fact that I could never change my skin color. Or make it whiter than it really is. It was an acceptance I did many years ago and that helped me become more confident about myself.

If there is anything that I want for my skin, it is to have even skin tone, and retain the smooth feel (or the youthful skin).

When I received this package of Glupa Whitening Soaps and Lotion, my friend told me that this is the best whitening skin product (brand) in the market. She testified how people tell her she got fairer and whiter skin (yes, I can tell!).

My aim is to have even skin tone, if this product can make me lighter and whiter, I don’t have issues with that. So I started using it last week, and here’s my review of Glupa Whitening Soap.

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My Skin Profile:
I have fair (not white) skin. I don’t have dark spots on legs and arms. My skin is pretty even.
What does the Glupa Whitening Soap do?
The Glupa Whitening Soap is a cold processed soap that cleans, whitens and protects skin without drying. It is a combination of glutathione and papaya – two powerful ingredients for whitening. It also has Vitamin C and E that aid in whitening.
What I like about the Glupa Whitening Soap:
The soap is infused with cucumber scent and it is a delight to use it. I am not a fan of over-powering and strong scented soaps and body washes and I love that Glupa has mild scent.

What I don’t like about the Glupa Whitening Soap:
When I first started using the soap, it gave me an itchy feeling after the shower. The itch hits me on different spots, but I continued using it anyway. On the third time that I used it, the itch spots disappeared. I thought my skin is adjusting to the new product.

Results Review:

I am on my 7th day of using the product but I have not seen any whitening effect yet. What I have noticed though is that my back has smoothened especially the part that was peeling off.

I am hopeful to see whiter results in the coming days. I might probably try using the Glupa Whitening Soap too. Watch out for that review.
Glupa Whitening Soap Php 140
Available in Zalora, Puregold, Landmark, 7-Eleven, Rustan’s, Shopwise
Have you tried the Glupa Whitening Soap?
What do you think of this product?

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