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Shop All You Can – My Clothes Buffet Manila Experience

October 17, 2014

Shopping never ends! I just had a shopping rendezvous the other night, and earlier today, I had another fun time shopping (for only 15 minutes!)

It was a shopping experience like no other, and I didn’t expect to enjoy it after the 15 minutes was all gone. Yes, we shopped for only 15 minutes! I talked about the Clothes Buffet Manila in this blog and earlier, I experienced it! The figures – 15 minutes, 1 zip bag, 30,000 clothes. I hate math but I sure love what they presented.

The Zip Bag

When I arrived, there was a bit of a confusion regarding the registration – but I just lined up together with the girls who bought ticket online. We were all gathered at the ground level of the II Terrazzo Building, and we were escorted to the top level for the “buffet spread”.

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NOTE: You have to leave your bag at the ground level (there is a dedicated station – and they will give you a number). I brought my Yoga tablet and phone with me which made me one hand disabled for the great battle, but that is okay because I basically know my size.

We were held in the reception area and then they finally opened the buffet after they played the video reminder..

When I stepped foot on the buffet area, it seemed that everything became a blur to me. Haha. Trying to remember what happened.. Ok, I made a quick scan of the racks. I went straight to the Girl’s Night Out rack, and just checked the sizes – everything seemed too small for me 🙂

I roamed quickly. I dismissed the Basics shirts and ratty/rockstar shirt racks. I know what I want – quality over quantity. I quickly checked the racks and racks of clothes, and just pulled the items that I like. It helped that I know my size and with just a quick look, it is as if I have fitted the pieces.


While we were all going crazy inside, someone was doing rounds and announcing the minutes left on the floor. I hate battling with time, but I just had to keep focused. I wanted to grab everything, but I want to make sure to get only pieces that I can wear. There were still 7 minutes left, and I stopped at the table to pack the pieces I got.
While I was rolling and folding, there was a camera on my side (and you can imagine my unholy face again! Haha). The man behind the camera must be curious if I would be able to fit all 7 pieces that I got. I was successful, but the lock just suddenly exploded just when I was zipping it! I had to zip it manually, and the staff even assisted me. I want to take out everything again and keep on rolling (I missed rolling and fitting the bottom part!). When I got to the validation table, my zip bag was misbehaving. I was already feeling tired so I had to let go of one RockStar  shirt (Metallica printed in front!) so they could let me go. Hehe. I am a free woman, and yes, I am still happy with what I got. 🙂

When we went down to the holding area, Wave 4 was already lined up!
Clothes Buffet Manila Tips:
  • Know what you want and keep focused. You can choose if you want quality vs quantity.
  • Know your sizes because there is no time to fit the pieces. Every second counts.
  • When packing, roll the pieces and push them down so you can easily zip the bag opening.
  • You can allot the first 10 minutes to grab clothes, and 5 minutes to roll and pack. If you still have space, go and get some more.
I am happy with my bag –
I got 1 dress, 3 tops, 1 skirt, and 1 Beatles Shirt (I really have to say Beatles!)
I know others got 10 or 11 pieces, but I cannot compare since I am taller, and I need more
fabric for clothes and that means more space in my zip bag 🙂 My mom is happy with my haul 🙂
Here’s what you wear in a battle 🙂

Thank you Nuffnang, Clothes Buffet Manila, Sisters Secret and to all the sponsors!


There is still open wave for tomorrow, check out for more details and to book a slot!

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