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Pinkberry New Flavor & Toppings: Cherry Yogurt x Sugarpova

October 3, 2014

Yogurt is one of the grocery basket mainstays at home. My brother specially is a true lover of yogurt. I do eat yogurt as substitute to milk because my tummy is not very friendly with milk. We, however seldom eat at yogurt stores because we prefer the sealed cups sold in supermarkets.

It was a real treat when I was invited to try the Pinkberry offerings – especially that they are offering two new products in the store. A little history, Pinkberry reinvited the frozen yogurt category when it launched in West Hollywood, California in January 2005. The yogurt bar offers the original tart and tangy frozen yogurt that is the perfect balance of tart and sweet and the result is light, refreshing and clean taste that is Pinkberry. Pinkberry offers real non-fat yogurt and real non-fat milk. One can really taste the difference. When I had my first taste of Pinkberry original flavor, I fell for the smooth, yummy (but not heavy-bodied) yogurt.

To make the yogurt a little more fun to eat, Pinkberry offers premium toppings. 30 toppings categorized into 4 – dry, fruit, luxe and liquid. You can be creative with the combination but the friendly Pinkberry staff can help you with the selection.

The reason we visited the Pinkberry Store in SM Fashion Hall was to (1) Try the new toppings – the Sugarpova Toppings! and (2) Taste the new yogurt flavor – Cherry!

Actually, there was a third reason – twirl our own Pinkberry yogurt! Yay!

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Don’t be surprised to see International Tennis Player, Maria Sharapova blowing a kiss on you through the Pinkberry’s POS terminal. Pinkberry has partnered with Sugarpova, a candy line by Maria Sharapova and candy veteran and founder of international retailer IT’SUGAR, Jeff Rubin.

Look at these fun, fashionable and colorful candies that match with Pinkberry’s iconic, light and refreshing frozen yogurt! The bite-size candies are exclusive to Pinkberry but you can also buy Sugarpova packs in the store.


To make the taste-test more exciting, we got to mix our own toppings! We were given placemat with yogurt and toppings combination. Here are the suggested Sugarpova Toppings for Pinkberry Yogurt:
Original + Flirty Sugarpova
Strawberry + Smitten Sugarpova
Cherry (new flavor!) + Flirty Sugarpova
(this is perfect because the cherry flavor is already sour and the
flirty candies are neutral)
A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Sugarpova go towards the Maria Sharapova Foundation. The candy reflects the fun, flirty and sweet side of the tennis player. I love that it is soft, chewy and doesn’t feel rough or break easily (you know what I mean!)
The gummy candy was launched in the US reaching 250,000 bags in the first 3 months. It is nice to get a taste of this fun gummy candies in the Philippines (and enjoy it with yogurt).
Here’s another exciting news from Pinkberry, aside from the tie-up with Sugarpova, Pinkberry also announced its new flavor – the tart and light Cherry Pinkberry. The new yogurt is crafted with bits of juicy cherries.
Here are the recommendations for your Cherry Pinkberry yogurt:
Chocolate Covered Cherry (my favorite!)
Cherry Pinkberry + Shaved Milk Chocolate + Chocolate Sauce

Cherry Crumble
Cherry Pinkberry + Fresh Strawberries + Honey Almond + Agave Nectar
I love this combination because I love strawberries and the agave nectar
neutralizes the sweetness and sour flavor.

Cherry Pie
Cherry Pinkberry + Waffle Cookie + Strawberry Puree

Cherry Macaroon
Cherry Pinkberry + Coconut + Toasted Almonds
I don’t like coconut flavored food that much but others might like it
Then of course, the Cherry with Sugarpova

PROMO! Salted Caramel Buy One Get One!

I thought our yogurt tasting would end with a cherry flavor – but we were also served with Salted Caramel Yogurt. We once again played with the flavors and toppings! I personally love the simple Salted Caramel with Crispy Crepes and Sea Salt!


For the next couple of weeks, Pinkberry will be running a special promo on its Salted Caramel flavor. Buy One, Get One on all Salted Caramel products every Friday until October 17, 2014 from 5:00 pm until closing time. You can even get any two Salted Caramel items and just pay for the higher priced item.

The Pinkberry staff is so awesome! They even taught us how to twirl our own yogurt and make those soft peaks!

 The Photobomber!

We’re happy kids! Thank you Pinkberry!
Our humble creations
Enjoy Pinkberry and its other offerings like fruit parfaits, fruit bowls, smoothies and waffle cookie sandwiches in branches in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, SM Aura, Power Plant and SM Megamall Fashion Hall.

What’s your favorite from Pinkberry?
Have you tried the new Cherry Pinkberry yogurt and Sugarpova?

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