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Top 5 e-Commerce Apps for Woman-on-the-Go

October 2, 2014

In this age of insta-moments and mobility, life once again highlights the importance of timing and connectivity. It is essential (especially mobile employees and women on the go) to stay connected to the internet (I call it the other world) as businesses, deals and proposals usually happen with just a click of thumb (thank you to the smartphones and phablets that brought us the brighter side of e-commerce).

I usually disconnect to the cyber-world whenever I am out and wandering, but I have listed 5 of my favorite e-commerce apps that every woman should download in her smartphone.

1. Paypal

I always love Paypal because it is secured, safe and convenient. Paypal changed the way how I shop – it becomes more often because of the security it provides to my credit card details. I also use Paypal to accept payments for items I have sold online, or job orders from international client. If you are someone who is running a business online and deals with clients abroad, Paypal is a must-download for easier transaction.

Pic Credit from Paypal app
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Women play different roles – career woman, boss, daughter, mom and cook. When you get tired from a day’s work, you just want to relax, have a good meal and enjoy time with family. That’s when the CityDelivery comes in – with just a quick click, you would be connected to hundreds of restaurants for delivery service.

Pic Credit from City Delivery app

3. Uber

I oftentimes wish that I could just hibernate and evaporate – and instantly pop out in another place without the trouble of looking for a cab in a very busy Metro Manila. The Uber app promises a private car service – now with an introduction of Uber X which provides a more affordable private car service, this app is my uber favorite one! Read my review of Uber X here.

 4. Agoda Hotel

If you are always out and traveling, an opportunity to travel in another country would be a normal invitation that would be sent to your inbox. In cases when you need to check hotel and lodging availability, you need Agoda to give you the best and lowest hotel room rates. Booking a hotel is as smooth as the bed you requested.

Pic Credit from Agoda App

5. Carmudi

Sometimes a working girl needs to get to her destination as quickly as possible. Public transport can often be unreliable in the Philippines so if you’re looking to get your own form of transport, the Carmudi app will help you find your ideal car in minutes. It uses filters for an easy search, and lets users share content to help prospective buyers make informed decisions. If you found something that you fancy, you can easily contact the seller for an easy transaction.

What are your favorite e-commerce apps?
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