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Welcome Dinner at Jack’s Ridge, Davao City

October 23, 2014

When you travel to another city or country, one question that you need to ask yourself once your plane landed safely is – how to get to the hotel, or how to get around the city?

These are the same questions that I was asking myself last Tuesday evening when we landed in Davao. Normally, we arrange for ground transportation via a private car service. It was my first time in the beautiful city; but I didn’t get the chance to do a quick research before our flight. Thankfully, there is now Grab Taxi in Davao! We were picked from the airport to our hotel via one of the Grab Taxi partner drivers.

We stayed at Pinnacle Hotel 🙂

It was actually Grab Taxi who invited us to flew 1.5 hours from Manila to Davao to attend the launch of the Grab Taxi in Davao. Grab Taxi is the largest Southeast Asian taxi-booking mobile app that provides passengers a safe, secure and fastest way of getting to their destination. It is a free application that one can download via Google Play, Blackberry or App Store.

Click Read More to know more about Grab Taxi and our short Davao Adventure!

Before the official launch, we were able to connect with the people behind the Grab Taxi over dinner at the Jack’s Ridge. A restaurant that offers good local dishes and nice view of Davao City. We were, of course, sent to Jack’s Ridge via the Grab Taxi service. It was good that we have Grab Taxi service because the place is only accessible if you have a car, and if you are not familiar in Davao City, you might get lost going there. My friend, Mother Ruth said that the first time they went there, they have to wait for hours to get home because there weren’t much taxi cabs going around the area. It is truly a great news for Davaoenos and tourists that Grab Taxi is now in Davao! One can easily book a cab service online – wherever you are in Davao City.


 John Lloyd (Ryan) and Ms Frances being serenaded 😉

Here are some of the food that we had! There were a lot!
I just enjoyed and stopped taking pictures! Haha

We were joined by Natasha, Paolo and Khriz of Grab Taxi. They shared about how they try to make the Grab Taxi experience good for both passengers and partner drivers. Grab Taxi has leaders who handle different departments – like Paolo being Drivers Experience Head and Khriz as Passenger Experience Head and they continuously work together to improve the Grab Taxi services.

They shared that whenever they receive complaints from the passenger, they take the time to assist, do research and connect with their drivers to resolve the concern. They are firm in implementing the Code of Conduct for drivers, and at the same honor and celebrate victories and good behavior. In fact, the driver who drove us around Davao City is one of the Grab Taxi Champion Drivers.

Davao is one of the best cities in the Philippines with safe and secured environment. We got to talk about the IBM Smarter Planet project with Davao as the first beneficiary of the program implementing smarter technology to address  four main pillars of public safety: crime prevention and suppression; emergency response; threat prevention and response; and traffic management. It is really awesome because it is an inspiration from the IBM Corporate Service Corp program where IBMers from other countries took part in this project. I am always proud of this program because we also did the same for local government in Indonesia.

Anyway, our dinner ended with a serving of Durian Leche Flan, and we went back to our hotel (again, via Grab Taxi service) to prepare for the big event the following day.

pic by @frannywei

Stay tuned for the Day 2 story..

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