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Grab Taxi is Now in Davao!

October 23, 2014

Here is the part 2 of my #RuthGoestoDavao blog. You can read the part 1 here.

It was just a short flight from Manila to Davao, but the comfortable bed in Pinnacle Hotel pinned me to a couple of more hours of sleep. We originally planned to wake up at 6am to try the indoor pool, but we – Ryan, Mother Ruth and Rod decided to dip in at 8 am. We were so glad we did!
At 11 am, we were ready to go to Saging Repablik for the official launch of Grab Taxi in Davao!

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I want to first share the Grab Taxi story. It all began when Anthony Tan and Hool Ling Tan, two former Harvard Business School graduates founded the GrabTaxi (known as MyTeksi in Malaysia). They thought it is the “big save the world” idea after hearing horror stories from friends and family about the taxi and transportation industry in Malaysia. We also have a lot of horror stories here in Manila!
The idea was validated when it was placed second in the 2011 Harvard Business Plan competition. It was the first all-Asian team. Now, Grab Taxi is present in 6 countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. In the Philippines, Grab Taxi is present in Metro Manila (launched in August 2013), Cebu and Davao!

Grab Taxi’s three pillars address simple life stresses – safety, certainty and speed. I personally love using Grab Taxi especially when going to the airport, and events. Oftentimes, Grab Taxi also partners with other brands during events offering guests zero booking fee, just like in the recent event I attended – the Clothes Buffet. I love that I can instantly book a service while preparing at home, and I can check where exactly is my driver. Grab Taxi also shared that we don’t need to call the driver as there is a feature in the app that the driver just needs to push to alert the passenger that he is already in the pick-up point. I think it works perfectly if you are out of load 🙂
The #GrabTaxiisnowinDavao was hosted by Bogart the Explorer. To make the launch a little more fun, Sir Alex Calleja entertained us with stories about Pinoy culture.

 The #Sagingero ‘s endlessly served us with good food from Saging Repablik! I am loving the place with its relaxed industrial design. I wish I ate as much (I was feeling full from the heavy breakfast in the hotel) – now I am seriously craving everything that was served in the table!

Natasha Bautista, Assistant General Manager of Grab Taxi Philippines is a real stunner! I am not surprised, she is a model and a PMAP member. She is the only woman in the senior management team of Grab Taxi Philippines and I love that there is a woman’s voice in this team. 😉
Natasha said that they want to stay focused on the Southeast Asian expansion – and with that, I am expecting Grab Taxi to expand in other cities in the Philippines after marking Where do you think the next location would be?

Lookie! It is official! Grab Taxi is now in Davao! Can you see how many available cars were there?
How to Book Grab Taxi in Davao?

  1. To download and use Grab Taxi, download in Google Play, App Store, and Blackberry World.
  2. The app detects your current location, and shows how many Grab Taxi drivers are within the vicinity. Input your destination and the app will calculate the estimated fare.
  3. Confirm and the app will contact the nearest driver.
  4. When the driver confirms, the app would show the driver’s photo and name
  5. You can also check the driver’s location via the map.
 Zero Booking fee! Davaoenos can enjoy this promo until December 2014!
And here’s the greater news, the booking fee will be lower in Davao!
Grab Taxi is considering Php20 or Php30 for the booking fee (unlike in Manila, Php70)

Paulo Evalle, Drivers Experience Head shared that Grab Taxi not just provide safe and efficient taxi services to the passengers, but also leverage their way of life. I always love looking at taxi drivers use their smartphones and proudly share how tech-savvy they are now because of Grab Taxi. The smartphones also become a vehicle for them to stay connected with their families. Grab Taxi also strictly implements the Code of Conduct (I love companies and organization who mold individuals to become better citizen). But more importantly they celebrate victories and good behavior (ulta-love to companies who motivate and inspire!)


** taking a break here, to enjoy, gigingka!**

Too many questions were thrown to the team during the launch, it just showed how interested the Davaoenos are with this new taxi service. We asked if there is a way to offer other mode of payment (say, credit card). I feel that this would help more people especially during times of emergency (when you are out of cash and you need to take a ride and go somewhere). I hope this will be implemented soon. I heard they are also working with Globe to offer G-Cash payment.

I am personally excited over this expansion. It very much mirrors my excitement when my favorite store opens a branch near your house. It is like wishing for something that you have back home, and when you go to another place, you look and crave for it. I know our trip in Davao is really short, so I am happy that going around the city would be more convenient and a lot safe with Grab Taxi in Davao.
 I just wish that when demands go high, there would be enough drivers available to service all the passengers and that service will remain consistent. Congratulations again Grab Taxi for the successful launch in Davao!
Manila Bloggers represent! The #FourR ‘s!
Ruth (mommy writes), Ruth (ruthilicious), Rod ( and Ryan (
My thoughts when I need a cab!
What I Wore That Day:
Top: Terranova
Skirt: H&M
Flats: Payless
PS. Thank you Havas Agatep team for inviting us and for taking care of us! We had fun! 🙂  

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