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Knorr Celebrates #LutongNanay with Celebrity Mom-bassadors

November 21, 2014

One of the fun things about attending events and product launches is that you get to try new food and eat at good restaurants. But I have to admit that at times, I also miss eating my mom’s homecooked meals. No matter how simple and plain her recipes are, they always taste so good and special. Oftentimes, I would even compare restaurants’ dishes with my mom’s signature cooking.

My mom cooks everyday. She prepares meals for everyone at home – sometimes, she would even cook a different dish for me or my brother when she knows we wouldn’t like what she has prepared for the day. I remember my former colleagues who would be envious of my packed meals whenever I open my Lock-and-Lock food keeper. I eat homecooked meals everyday, that makes me miss having fastfood. People find it weird whenever I crave for fastfood. Haha.

Did you know that a study revealed that “Flavors mom cooks up in her kitchen reach the parts of the brains, heart and soul that other things just can’t reach“. The study is based on research about mom-cooked flavors by world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Stuart Firestein, PHD from New York’s Columbia University.

I was out the whole day yesterday and missed my mom’s cooking. Thankfully, Knorr invited celebrity moms to cook for us! (Yes! No kidding!).

During the Knorr “Sarap ng #LutongNanay” event yesterday in Blue Leaf Pavillion, Knorr presented a study that families who enjoy meals cooked by moms are more fulfilled and develop lifelong bonds. The sad reality, there is a decline of home cooking because of busy lifestyle and demanding careers. Through the advancement of technology, families also have more access to fastfood and meal deliveries.

Young people aged between 23 and 27 admitted that they cannot cook, and out of 1,000 respondents said that the two top reasons are lack of confidence and knowledge about recipes.

Thankfully, Knorr is fighting back here in the Philippines to inspire and help moms create recipes which also cut downs cooking time.

The event which I thought was just a simple intimate gathering of media friends and Knorr officials turned out to be an amazing event full of surprises! First off, Christine Jacob hosted the event and she is so stunning (it was my first time to see her in person). She never lost her charm at hosting! Another amazing moment was when Apples Aberin went up on stage to talk about embracing this new challenge and enjoying her time as a mother. We only get to see Apples on beauty events and it is nice to see her involvement in this project. Totes Amaze!

Christine later on called Carmina Villaroel to talk about her journey as a mom. I love it when she said she has to cook two different kinds of sinigang for her twin. 
Finally, the Knorr Mom-bassadors joined us!
Dimples Romana is one cute preggy woman! 🙂 
Delamar said that she has to learn to cook for her family. Pia Guanio (oh, she’s looking pretty!), 
on the other hand said that she loves it when her husband would get more serving of food that she cooked without saying a word. That’s when husband shows his support to the wife.
For someone like Danica Sotto who enjoys cooking as a kid, she makes sure her meals are always special for her family. 
Another surprise was announced when Knorr asked us to put on our aprons and welcomed us to a special kitchen in another hall – four kitchens manned each by mom-bassadors. 
I was assigned in Pia’s kitchen and she cooked her specialty – Sisig Tokwa!

Pia shared some of her cooking tips and of course, used the Knorr seasoning for her Sisig Tokwa!


After 10 minutes, TENEN! Oh, her dish was such a blockbuster!
Can I just also say, she’s awesome? I officially love her! I used to not
like her (because I have a big crush on Vic Sotto! Haha), but she’s 
just fun and awesome!

Such an amazing event!

We were ready to leave when Christine invited us to transfer to Silk Room for dinner.. she said that the set-up itself was just beautiful! She was not kidding..

Every inch and corner was instagram-worthy.. Bridges PR, you guys are amazing!
 We had an amazing dinner – truly #LutongNanay
Knorr truly recognizes family ties, and simple celebrations. It was truly touching to 
even celebrate one of the guests’ birthday at the event! Happy Birthday Ms. D!
There were a dozen events scheduled yesterday, and I was glad 
to spend the time with Knorr family. The event ended with a pledge
from Mom-bassadors and moms to continue advocating mom-cooked meals 🙂

Thank you Knorr and Bridges PR for the amazing event full of surprises!
I enjoyed every minute and inch of it! Thank you for this awesome loot!
My mom is so happy! I am personally excited to join her cook the #lutongnanay! 🙂
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