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The Day I Changed a Doll’s Diaper

November 9, 2014

I received a big package from Huggies the other day and a pack of Huggies Dry Pants diapers. I have to check and double check that it was correctly addressed to me (it was!), because no one will use diapers at home, we don’t have kids.


When I got home, the first question that my mom asked me was, “why do we have Huggies diapers?” (she thought I am pregnant?). Haha

What I found inside is a doll – crying doll, and the instruction said that I have to change the baby’s tape-type diaper.

This would be the first time I would ever change a baby’s diaper. I am the youngest in the family, and I refused to change my niece and nephew’s diapers when they were babies 🙂 I decided to record the milestone! Haha

You wouldn’t believe what happened next..

Click Read More to see ..

Have you seen the video?! I was surprised when the baby stopped crying and started laughing when I changed the diaper! I love that I can easily change the diaper as if I just changed its shorts. No need to fit the diaper tightly and stick the tape. Simple steps if you were changing a real baby’s diaper:

Step (Right Foot) Step (Left Foot), (Pull)Up!
Look at my baby doll, looking so happy and cute with the new Huggies Dry Pants diaper that can last up to 10 hours.  SRP for the Huggies Dry Pants is Php 8.52.
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Thank you Huggies for sending the cutest press kit! 🙂
PS. My mom is very happy at how cute and smart this doll is! 🙂
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