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Fun, Unique and Innovative Gadgets from Mipow

December 1, 2014

A bulb that changes color and plays music, a speaker that transforms into a boombox, and power banks in different, yummy colors that even smell sweet – these products and more from Mipow!

I was excited when I received the invite for the Mipow’s official launch last week at the Edsa Shagri-la Hotel. As expected, most of the guests are from the Technology group and CyberPress. But, one need not be a tech geek to appreciate every cool, unique and impressive products from Mipow.

Mipow is a global leader in premium mobile device accessories and an authorized manufacturing licensee of Apple Inc. The brand provides aesthetically exciting products with innovative approach on technology. The main products are are backup batteries, chargers, headsets and speakers using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Let me show you some of the Mipow’s products (but review of each would be posted separately :))

Mipow Products

Boomax and Boomin are pretty, portable and cute bluetooth speakers. I think they are cute accessories to a modern home and perfect gadget for roadtrips and travel. It can play 12 hours continuously and go up to 33 feet range. It works with aux connector too, and can be used as a phone speaker 🙂 

The M3 Pro is not your ordinary headset.. because, it works both with aux connector
and bluetooth connection! If your problem is the wire that tangles and distorts your music, well this baby has a retractable wire! The side muff can easily control your music with just light press. Super cool!
This sleek power bank is Power Cube™ 8000L portable charger that is built for Apple products but is also compatible with other gadgets. This is ultra powerful allowing you to charge two gadgets at the same time. 

For those who want chargers and power banks with yummy colors and delicious sweet scent, go for these Mipow power banks! Truly amazing!
 But what really got my attention is the Playbulb Series
Imagine, a bulb that changes light and plays your music! We have seen and witness its magic during the launch. One simply need to download the app (Play Bulb X) and connect via bluetooth. With a simple click, you can change the bulb’s color and use it as speaker. You can even use it as a night lamp and set a timer to set it off after an hour/ or minutes to save battery – and set it up to wake you up with your favorite music! I am so excited to try it out at home. Watch out for my review of the Playbulb Color and Rainbow 🙂


 Now, if romantic candle-lit dinner is your thing.. check this out! Playbulb Candle! 
I was amaze to find out this thing lights up when you blow it! As in literally blow 🙂 This is perfect for side-table night light as it is safe and flameless. It uses 3 double AA batteries which is easy to change and lasts up to 60 days when used 4 hours a day. It also changes color and works with Play Bulb X app 🙂 They are perfect when put together as a group! Watch out for my review 🙂
PlayBulb Warm (Php 2,999.00), Playbulb Cool White (2,999.00), PlayBulb Lite(no app, speaker only; Php 1,899.00), PlayBulb Rainbow (Php 1,999.00) and PlayBulb Color (Php 3,999.00)
I know, I know they are awesome! What’s more awesome, we got to chat with Mr Bon Lam of Mipow Philippines during our dinner. It is interesting to know that PlayBulb’s inspiration is based on Japan’s light system where people can easily turn on and turn off lights with just a click. Mipow makes it a little more fun and exciting by introducing Playbulbs that doesn’t just lights up the home but also plays music. Mipow also partners with different brands and supplies corporate giveaways. So, if you receive something from a brand which is made by Mipow, give them big love. Mipow is a highly awarded brand which took home awards from European Red-Dot Design Awards, International Forum iF Design Awards, GOOD DESIGN Awards and IDEA Awards. 
This is the only photo I had during the launch because I had so much fun time chatting with Jackie Go and Juan Manila 🙂 Nice time guys! 🙂

Okay, I need to end this post now because I am excited to play with my Mipow Playbulbs! 
You better add one of the Mipow’s products in your wishlist! You can get Mipow at the following stores:
MiPow Megamall
MiPow SM Ayala Concept Store
SM Department Stores/ SM Appliance
What do you think of Mipow’s products?
Which one is your favorite?

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