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Maginhawa Food Trip Part 1: Katz Diner

December 9, 2014

A non-stop 8-hour food trip around Maginhawa Street in Quezon City!

That was the gastronomic experience Food Panda has brought us one Saturday to introduce to us the new food and restaurant partners of Food Panda. Food Panda is a new online food delivery service in Metro Manila. You can check my review of Food Panda here. 
Maginhawa Street is one of the most popular places for foodies in Metro Manila. I have only been in the place once – and we tried the Van Gogh is Bipolar restaurant. I was extremely excited to know the other restaurants in the area. We started early for breakfast at the first food stop – Katz Diner. 

Click Read More to know more about Katz Diner..
Katz Diner is a quiet little restaurant with a homey and warm ambiance. 
There is a play of warm colors, simple displays and classical music inside the restaurant. But everyone loved the framed movie posters that serve as focal display.
Now, straight from the lovely kitchen, we were served..
Grilled Pork Steak Php 250
It is perfectly grilled pork streaks served with colorful choices of tomatoes, cucumber and carrots. The egg is a perfect sunny side up topped on plain rice (it would have been perfect with garlic rice, you think?). The meat is tender and tasty – especially when dipped with peppered vinegar. 
Tocino on Stick? This Grilled Pork Tocino Php 180. A new way to enjoy tocino, but I was still missing the burnt fat parts that makes tocino – a real tocino. The omelette is perfect with salsa on the side!
 Here’s a new way to enjoy Longanisa Php 185! It is served with salsa, omelette and plain rice! What a great experience to enjoy Longanisa. I am not much a fan of longaniza but this dish is just superb! I can request for a serving of nachos to go with it! 

We had to share one plate but everything was just filling. Then, this temptation was served..
Roast Pork Belly Php 290. What makes it special? The serving of mashed sweet potato, gravy and chumichiri sauce that makes the fat and crispy skin less threathening.  
We enjoyed our meals wiith a serving of freshly brewed loose-leaf teas and iced teas. We also had the famous Yakult-based tea. 
 For dessert, we had the famous Lava Cake Php 100! It is so divine and sinful. It is just pure ganache and gives you the real melt-in-your-mouth experience (craving for it at this very moment!)

We would have wanted to stay but, we were off to our next stop for the Maginhawa Food Crawl. The good news is, residents of Maginhawa and those who are in the area can easily order from Katz Diner through Food Panda (the bad news is, I live far, far from Maginhawa and I am craving for the Lava Cake now!)

Simply download the Food Panda app via iOS, or Google Play (also works with Windows). You may also order from Katz Diner online via You may pay via credit card or cash-on-delivery. Delivery service depends on the restaurant (it could be as low as Php 30 or 10% of the total amount of items ordered)

Katz Diner 
48 Malingap St., Sikatuna Village, 
Quezon City. 
Operation Hours: 7:00AM-10:00 PM daily

Coming up next.. Casa Quesadilla

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