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Braven 440: Waterproof Speaker and Power Bank in One

December 9, 2014

The Braven 440 came in my doorstep a few weeks ago like a messenger telling me to stay home, party all day and night and not worry about the typhoon.

But actually, the package comes with a sweet note from my Digits Trading family – the note says, I can bring my music anywhere with this water-resistant speaker. I was planning to bring this handy speaker to a quick staycation in Pampanga, but our short escapade was postponed due to the typhoon Hagupit. But that’s fine, I enjoyed “overstaying” in my bed. 
When I did a quick unboxing and review, I was surprised to find out there is more to this handsome gadget that being a speaker and water-resistant party buddy, it is also a battery charger!
Let’s take a look! 
Unboxing Braven 440
Braven 440 is neatly packed and comes with adapter, a USB cable, an AUX cable, a strap, and manual.

Braven’s Heavy Metal Design

Is it safe to use the word “handsome” to describe Braven 440? I know gadgets don’t have genders, but the first time I saw and touched Braven 440, I already know it is very masculine. It has this full metal finish in a sleek purple shade. Its back has the usual buttons and LED lights that tell you it means real music business unlike  any other gadget with tin (and think) casing.  The Braven 440 is also very handy – it comes with strap that you can loop, allowing you to bring the gadget anywhere. 



The handsome gadget that is Braven 440 needs to show its skill. First, I tried its masculine power as a speaker. Turning on the device is as easy as doing long press on the power button, connecting it via bluetooth is a bit tricky. My smartphone couldn’t seem to locate Braven 440 – but the trick is doing long press on the Play button. It would produce a long beep sound to confirm connection. If your player has no bluetooth, plug can simply plug the cord and play the music!

The handsome Braven 440 is also a beast!
The Lenovo S850 speaker is already loud, but when I connected it to Braven 440, you would notice the difference in the bass. The music is clearer, amplified and balanced. 

The Braven 440 is like a mysterious man who knows how to handle emergencies – like dead batteries! Simply connect the USB and charge up your gadgets! Push the battery button at the back to see the available battery life through the LED lights. 

BRAVEN 440 is a Speakerphone!

The Braven 440 also works like a speakerphone! You simply connect your smartphone via bluetooth and connect your way to the world. You can simply adjust the volume through the built-in volume control. 

BRAVEN 440 is Waterproof! Aha! This beastly handsome gadget is a waterproof design that can withstand rainfall, water splashes and water jets. Braven doesn’t encourage submerging it through the water though. 

Braven 440 is truly an impressive handsome beast!
What I love about Braven 440 Speaker?
♥ Speaker that is beastly loud, clear and balanced.
♥ The sleek design that is minimalist which makes as home display too.
♥ Handy and handsome that you would want to take with you anywhere.
♥ It works as a speakerphone!
♥ A speaker and powerbank in one!
♥ Waterproof 
♥ Can be connected via bluetooth or wire
♥ This beast can work for 12 hours nonstop
What I love about Braven 440 Speaker?
A little tricky to connect to a bluetooth device
The Braven 440 is reasonably priced at Php 3,650
Available in the following stores:
Astroplus, Astrovision, Base Kamp, BCB Computers, Beyond the Box, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, District 32*, iCenter*, iGig, iStore, iStudio, Microstation, Mobile 1, Odyssey, Quicksound, ROX, SM Appliance, SM Music & Video (SM Aura), Stoked Inc., Switch, Technoholics & The Inbox Store
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