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Kiss Me Heroine Make: Learning Makeup Techniques from Sayuri Igarashi

April 27, 2015
Today’s story is all about make-up. It is unlikely of me to go out on a Saturday for event, more so, wear makeup or attend a makeup event; but, my friend vouched for the epic goodness of Heroine Make makeup … and knowing that Heroine Make is a product from Japan, I need no testimonial because it is a fact that Japanese know their makeup. I know friends who treat Japan like a Mecca of Makeup – and so I went. 
And did I enjoy my day? 
Well, who wouldn’t enjoy a pink carpet event, complete with concierge serving you dumplings and mocktails while you sit comfortably and listen to Miss Sayuri Igarashi . She’s Japan’s leading makeup artist – a very cheerful woman who is expert at applying makeup. 

It was absolutely her show as she talked about techniques in applying makeup and did an actual makeup demonstration.

Trivia Time! Princess Elizabeth Himeko is the name of the princess gracing every packaging of Heroine Makeup. She expresses how every woman deserves to look beautiful. 


Sayuri Igarashi can speak a little English but her smiles are enough to let us know how fun and bubbly she is! She even did a demonstration smiling and complimenting her models, it was one of the most entertaining makeup demonstrations I have witnessed!
For her demonstration, she used the new Jewelry Eyeshadow Palette which is perfect for natural look.

There goes my friend, Kath getting first hand makeup done by Sayuri Igarashi (!!!)
For a natural makeup look, use a BB Cream, powder and Jewelry Eyeshadow Palette.
She said that one can use any type of brush, applicator or even hand to apply the eyeshadow 

For lipstick, you can go for orange, nude or light pink. 

.. TENEN!!! Kath looks so fresh and pretty! 
 Sayuri Igarashi also did Rochelle‘s makeup but she chose a more sophisticated look for her. 
I was telling Aylin how Rochelle looks so pretty and glowing even on a normal day (we went together to the Croc’s event) Gorgeous!
When asked about what common makeup mistake do Filipinas commit when applying makeup, Sayuri Igarashi said that it is applying eyeliner too far from the lid 🙂 Probably I have been a victim of the crime, once in my life (who knows?)
Thankfully, we can fix that by using the Heroine Makeup Eyeliner 😉 

Heroine Makeup are available in SM Department Stores 🙂
So excited to try and write a review of the Heroine Makeup 🙂
Thank you so much Heroine Make for having me!
Thank you for the loot! Excited to try and do a review! Watch out for it! 🙂
with Kath and Jen (picture taken by Sofi – mommy Jen’s daughter)

Have you tried Heroine Makeup?
Do you have makeup tips you want to share? Comment below!
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