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SM Ladies’ Night: What to Expect, How to Survive + My Haul!

April 21, 2015
Every shopper’s dream came true, indeed! The first ever SM Ladies’ Night was truly dedicated to certified shoppers and SM loyalists.

Imagine this: grabbing all the clothes you want, slashing 50% off the price tag, and receiving rebate vouchers! There are even mocktails and canapes being served around and male models assisting you in your shopping. But you know me, I went straight to the good deals!

It was mad and crazy! I came in at exactly 6 PM. Some of my blogger friends came in earlier to check out the deals and take pictures. I needed to have a game plan. It is good that I always shop at GTW (yes teen’s wear!) and SM Woman in SM Makati and I already know where to go for the pieces I like. 

What to Expect from SM Ladies’ Night?

Here are some pictures of the items on Sale: 
Coco Cabana pieces are good for summer getaways. I saw some nice sheer cover-ups and swim suits too! 
Swim suits on sale! Some brands also joined in the fun by offering 20% off!
I love these knitted pieces from Coco Cabana (yes 50% off!)
I was contemplating if I should buy more sleep wear and pambahay. But I am still okay with my ratty shirts Haha. There are so much Hello Kitty Stuff on sale!
Lingerie and Satin Sets!
SM Woman pieces are perfect for corporate dressing
GTW Pop! So much comic hero prints!
And of course, my fave! GTW by SM!

How I Survived the SM Ladies’ Night? 

Here are some tips for you. Yes, I am sharing some tips because there would be upcoming SM Ladie’s Night (!!!!). 
1. Wear something comfortable and fitted. 🙂 You know how ladies’ nights are – most of the girls came in dresses and skirts. But I chose to wear fitted top and boyfriend pants so I can easily fit in clothes 😉  Fitting rooms lines were crazy! Don’t waste your time standing there and hoping for some miracle. Shop!!
2. Wear comfortable shoes. You would do alot of walking. I had my heeled shoes with me and I was planning to change for a more girly look bit I decided to keep my flats 🙂
3. Know your sizes. It is good that I know my sizes in SM Woman and GTW. I could just easily grab the stuff that I want.
4. Grab the things that you want and decide later. Carefully check and fit them once you are done shopping. There were so many shoppers that night and sizes and styles were usually gone in seconds!
5. Know what your closet needs. Even though 50% discount is tempting, one must shop wisely! Don’t buy stuff just because they are on sale. I had grabbed a few pieces but didn’t buy them in the end because I thought I don’t need them. 

FREE SM Ladies’ Night GCs!

We finished shopping at around 9PM! Haha. Look at my receipt! It was as if I did my grocery!
Good news, since I spent more. I was able to redeem vouchers!
Php 1,000 SM Woman/GTW puchase = FREE Php 100 GC
Php 3,000 SM Woman/GTW puchase = FREE Php 300 GC
Php 5,000 SM Woman/GTW puchase = FREE Php 700 GC
So yup! I got Php 700 GCs! 
Now for my haul.. I just want to tease you with some pictures 🙂 

SM Ladies’ Night Haul

Because.. Batman!!! 🙂
Denims! Tita Sarah (#FashionEggplant) saw the denim dress and it was really a good pick! I was actually looking for one! Yay! 
Stuff from GTW! Yes, you can say, I love cats! 🙂
More GTW stuff 🙂 
I also bought 2 dresses for mom 🙂
Keep following SM Woman on Facebook to find out when is the next SM Ladies’ Night!
It would happen every Wednesday from 6 to 9PM!
Me, after paying for my haul. Haha! 
See you on my next shopping adventure!

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