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Day Trip + Places to Eat at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

April 21, 2015

I love that everytime I go to Sky Ranch, there is always something fun and exciting for me to try and discover. I am not the type of traveler (wanderer) who goes to the same place twice. I feel that time is essential for me to visit other places. It was my third visit to Sky Ranch and thankfully, our friends from Sky Ranch and SM brought me a different Sky Ranch experience – and I meant – Food Trip!!!

If you are planning to visit Sky Ranch and thinking of where to eat, the strips of restaurants and fastfood chains in the Sky Ranch entrance can take care of your meals. There are even kiosks in the fairgrounds of the park where you can grab quick snacks. From your favorite comfort food, all-Filipino cuisines and adventurous menu selections, you can find them in Sky Ranch. 
Here’s a sample of how you can plan your meals in Sky Ranch.

Breakfast or Brunch

 Downtown Pizza and Red Engine Diner, Tagaytay

I love this American diner setting. It reminds me of restaurants in Niagara Falls Park. What caught my heart is the red bun burger! Skip below! 
 Red Engine Burger Php 399
This is double patty burger with yummy cream sauce and cheese.
To tell you honestly, I find it a bit weird to take a bite and munch on the red bun. But no harm done. It tasted like your normal burger bun (just red!). One order of this burger can last you the whole afternoon.
You can even feast on Nachos Grande Php 199
Seafood Pasta
Interestingly good. I am more of a red-pasta person but I enjoyed this oil-based pasta.

Mango Shrimp Salad Php 269
Yes, for your daily dose of greens and veggies!
Chicken Basket Php 299 for 3 pieces
You can ask for extra rice to make it a meal!
And then of course, pizza!!!
The Downtown Pizza and Pasta in Sky Ranch is sheltered on the same store as Red Engine Diner.  This is the first time I encountered these restaurants, and I am not sure if they have stores in Manila (does anyone know? – comment below please :))
Red Engine Diner also offers rice meals for Php 100. For groups, you can just share pizza and pasta at Downtown Pizza and Pasta. 

Quick Bites

Inside Sky Ranch are kiosks and food stalls which are easily accessible by visitors. You can enjoy fries from Potato Corner, refreshing drinks from Swigz Pearl Coolers and Buko Twix, Japanese balls from Master Siomai, and more food from Dogs in D’Ranch, Kettle Corn, Happy Waffle and Bibingkinitan. 

Coffee Break + Snack Time

For those who want to laze around with a good brew of coffee, you can stay at Krispy Kreme! We always settle at Krispy Kreme after visit at Sky Ranch. 
Oh hey, don’t forget to bring your Lysol Hand Wipes when going out. 

Dinner Time

Mesa Filipino Moderne at Sky Ranch

Mesa provides an innovative approach in cooking and serves Filipino dishes with a twist. We sometimes eat at Filipino restaurants whenever we go out because we feel that we can cook them at home; but Mesa’s offerings are so delectable we just have to grab the spoon and fork and enjoy the festive meal. Imagine, we transferred from Red Engine Diner to Mesa to have our second lunch! I was telling them that I would just take pictures of the food and taste but I ended up enjoying my second lunch. Have I mentioned that Mesa has such a warm ambiance that it feels like dining at the comforts of your home. 
For Sky Ranch visitors, I would suggest treating your family to a festive dinner at Mesa. They offer packages for big groups. A bowl of soup is perfect for the Tagaytay cool weather too!

Fastfood Restaurants in Sky Ranch

For those who want comfort food (you can only get from your favorite Fastfood Restaurants!) you can dine in at KFC, Tokyo Tokyo and Kenny Rogers in Sky Ranch, Tagaytay 🙂 
7 -Eleven has also finally opened in Sky Ranch where you can buy emergency stuff like toiletries, snacks and even medicines. 
All Dining Outlets are open during park hours: 10 am to 10 pm
Sky Ranch is along Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City (beside Taal Vista)
You see, one need not even bother preparing food and bringing packed lunch to Sky Ranch. You just simply bring yourself, the kid in you and some good moolah to enjoy a day-trip in Sky Ranch, Tagaytay. 
Side story, when we visited last Friday, Sky Ranch and SM made sure that our visit to Sky Ranch was not like any other visits. They prepared a game for us! Riddles! I seriously wanted to win but I brought my mom with me and thought that I wouldn’t have the time to really run and go wild inside the park to take pictures.

Can you guys try to answer these?

I just scanned the questions and took snapshots of the things I saw inside Sky Ranch. I made sure though that I have selfies with the restaurants in the background Haha.

We just rode the Sky Eye Ferris Wheel and Carousel (with mom). I just enjoyed looking at the colorful rides and wooshing sounds of engines. I have completely dismissed the idea of owning the prize and winning the contest. I have previously mentioned it before, we have tried deadlier rides in Canada’s Wonderland, I felt that there is no need for me to try other rides. That’s not bringing out the kid in me, I know. But I am just reserving my screams to a more deadlier rides in the future 🙂

Come validation time, I even answered the questions on the spot! (and thankfully, I have pictures to support my answers). I get one point for every correct answer to the riddle + picture.

I got 22 points out of 40 and I was not expecting to win! There are groups who went on pairs and some even took their time answering the riddles. It was one of the best winnings for me!

Thank you once again Sky Ranch and SM for having us! Thank you Richard and AMPR team for taking care of us!

Until my next trip, guys!

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