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Kenny Rogers Brings Back Garlic Butter Chicken!

February 2, 2015

There are memories that we want to remember (and re-live once again – for me it was my visit at Casa Loma), and there are food that we want our favorite restaurants to bring back on their menu.

Kenny Rogers Roaster prepared an exciting surprise for us as the team brought us to Sky Ranch, Tagaytay for the come back of Kenny Roger’s favorite dishes. 

 On our way to the venue, we were asked the question –

If there’s one good thing that you want to bring back from last year, what would it be and why?

I told #PaulthePRGuy why I did not join the Ms. Universe or any pageant (because the Q&A portion could be nervewracking!) and then I was asked such question.
My initial thoughts were filled with London trip – that’s one thing I wanted to bring back or extend. 
But I thought of something else.. keep on reading!

It was my second time at Sky Ranch (and Kenny Rogers‘ is where we also had lunch during our short visit last December) but visiting a theme park is always exciting! I love the Kenny Rogers Sky Ranch store’s ambiance with al-fresco dining and nice view of Sky Ranch’s Ferris Wheel and rides
We were welcomed by the Kenny Rogers’ team and served with the best and all-time favorite meals from Kenny Rogers (according to the customer feedback that they received last year).
The Garlic Butter Chicken (Php 235/meal and Php 770/group meal good for 4).

The Butter Garlic Chicken is really affordable complete with rice, pasta, salad and muffin.
The chicken is perfectly flavored with garlic gravy sauce. Yum!

Kenny Rogers is also bringing back the Garlic Butter Chicken Quesadilla! 
Kenny Rogers also challenged us with food and plate styling via an Instagram contest. You can check all our entries via #Krbutterchicken hashtag. Some behind the scenes pictures 🙂 

Love this couple Seph and Trice 🙂 
Now here’s my entry which also answers the question:
What is something you want to bring back from last year?

I felt that everything seems so orchestrated and planned. My 2014 was so awesome because I let the future surprise me. When 2015 started, I felt kind of worried about what this year would offer me. Now, I am letting the future surprise me again – and enjoy every minute, capturing the moments that are real. 

A photo posted by Ruth dela Cruz (@ruthilicious) on

A photo posted by Ruth dela Cruz (@ruthilicious) on

You would have guessed, I didn’t win! Haha. Sarah and Ava won the challenge. I especially like Sarah’s goal – which is to explore the places a bit off the beaten path. That’s how I enjoy traveling too. Visiting places where not all tourists go. Have you checked my travel site? I will share the travel stories I have kept with me for many years 🙂

We were also given access to Sky Ranch, but as much as I want to spend the afternoon and try all the rides, I had to take the early van going back to Manila – because a friend needs a friend 🙂

Thank you so much Kenny Rogers for having me again!

How about you, if there’s one good thing that you want to bring back from last year, what would it be and why?

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