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Travel Must-Bring: Lysol Hand Wipes

April 18, 2015
One of the things that I always pack and include in my bag whenever I travel or simply go out is a pack of wipes. People might think I am a mom with the pack of baby wipes in my bag. I find that baby wipes are more gentle and can kill germs than normal wet wipes. 
Thankfully, Lysol has recently launched a Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes – a more fit pack of hand wipes that can kill 99% of sickness causing germs and bacteria that is gentle on the skin. 
Let me talk about the Lysol Wipes launch first! It is one of the best and unique ones that I have attended. An afternoon of relaxation and pampering! I was wishing all events and product launches would be like this 🙂 

Imagine, watching a movie and having a relaxing foot and hand massage? You can only experience it in Blue Water Day Spa in Greenhill! Donya-feels!
I highjacked this seat and made chika with Rina’s Rainbow! 😉 

We watched Letters to Juliet – a romantic move starring Amanda Seyfried. It was the first time I have seen the movie, and although the plot is predictable, I still enjoyed watching it – probably because of the film’s setting (Italy!). Well, I couldn’t complain about my own setting – comfortable lounge chair and peaceful state. 😉

We were given a pack of new Lysol Hand Wipes that we used before eating! 
Lysol also launched new air sanitizer – Lysol Neutra Air and Mortein NaturGard with Citronella

The difference between the Lysol Neutra Air vs the Lysol Spray that we are currently using at home is that the Lysol products are surface disinfectant. We aim and spray the Lysol Spray directly to objects like beds, tables, etc to disinfect them; the new Lysol Neutra Air is Air Disinfectant – it sanitizes the air and gives a good scent too! 
Then there’s the all-natural insect spray: Mortein NaturGard with Citronella. I want to write a separate review of this product but I am so excited for this because it is all natural! I don’t want to complicate the post with scientific names of products use in this spray, but to say it simpler – it contains water and d-lemonene oils, and scent of citronella. We can assure that it is not hazardous to health and nice-smelling too! 

 Happy Bloggers!
Thank you for having me Lysol!

Review of Lysol Hand Wipes

I was out on a day-trip yesterday with mom and blogger friends at Sky Ranch! The Lysol Hand Wipes pack is now officially part of my bag and travel must-bring. You know how you can all get crazy and ecstatic riding different rides and holding on to bars and handles. I cannot imagine how much germs and dirt are sitting on each bar. 
It is convenient to have the Lysol Hand Wipes that I can easily pull during snack time! When washroom (and I mean decent washroom with soap and water) is not accessible, you can always grab the Lysol Hand Wipes, pull a wet tissue and re-seal. One wipe is an instant germ-killer!
What I love about Lysol Hand Wipes?
♥ It comes with travel pack! You can fit easily in your bag!
P35 for the small pack (10 wipes) and P140 for the big pack (50 wipes)
♥ It is sweet-smelling!
♥ You can use it in your face or cleanse other sensitive body parts.
♥ Kids can easily use the wipes!
♥ I love that I can easily bring it aboard the airplane 😉 No liquid, remember? 😉 
What kind of wipes or disinfecting product do you use when you travel?

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