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Time and Space

April 2, 2015
I love long weekends and Holidays because they give me license to be glued in my bed.  While most of my friends are going on Japan and Euro Trips, I prefer to stay home (and again, be glued in my bed!) Actually, I have a number of things I need to finish before the battle of life begins again on Monday.

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I am officially an adult. I so, declared. My idea of fun is staying at home, watching movies (I have seen Other Woman – the Hollywood film! and sexy horror movie The Boy Next Door – what to watch tonight?), and munching on my favorite snacks. Bliss. 
What I really plan to finish this weekend are the blog backlogs, travel stories and junk that I need to dispose in my room. 
I am doing a major life overhaul starting with disposing the things that I don’t need. The other day I was cleaning my room and I literally just wanted to scream hoping the curse can vanish all the stuff looking at me with different emotions. 

I was telling my friends that I only have two tiles that I can step on in my room. I wanted to dispose the things that I have not used for years, throw away the souvenirs that just collect dust and give away the stuff that no longer have meaning in my life. I want to go back to the day when I walked in my room and I only had my bed and a few clothes. It was in 2006, the day we moved back at our newly rebuilt house after the old one burnt down. It was when I started collecting memories and gave less value to material things. 
I want to keep just a few clothes I can wear differently . I was once obsessed with acquiring a lot of clothes. I think of the number of hours I have wasted thinking of what clothes to wear on several occasion – such wasted time. I read an article about why Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wear the same things everyday – it is because they spend more time making bigger decisions. Everything makes sense. So the next time you see me wearing the same clothes, no judging please. 
I used to collect stamps, books, clutch bags, hotel cards and even candy wrappers (because High School taught us to be sentimentals), but these collections had eaten up space in my room and I don’t want these collections to own me.

The things you own end up owning you.

I have a very dear friend who loves the movie Fight Club, and I now understand why he worships the film and treats tthe movie quotes like biblical verses. 
Time and (literally) Space are the most important things in my life now. I collect experiences (which I wish to share more in this blog and my travel blog) . Speaking of blog, I am thinking of doing a blog makeover soon.
Thank you for the time. Allow me to create a new space for more stories. 
Please visit again. 
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