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Beachfront Breakfast: Christina’s Cafe Boracay

April 2, 2015
Allow me to bring you back to Boracay with this blog post featuring Christina’s Cafe – a lovely breakfast place in Boracay that offers international breakfast choices. 
I may be craving for some Vitamin Sea, but it is more of a good breakfast that I am thinking of now (it is 3:30 in the morning, Manila time). 

I welcomed the summer earlier three weeks ago and we went to Boracay via the invitation from Henann Lagoon Resort. On our first morning, we had a lovely breakfast at Christina’s Cafe. 

Christina’s is located in Station 2, Boracay (it is close to Sea Breeze Cafe). A lovely little cafe with al-fresco dining.
A bowl of Congee was perfect for the crazy night I had. It was not the party or alcohol that kept me awake the whole night. It was the heavy menstrual flow that kept me glued on the same position #girlproblem. It was good that my bed in Henann Lagoon Resort was comfortable one. I had to be conscious though of keeping it white and pristine and not leaving any stain #crimescene (!!!)

Christina’s Cafe offers traditional Continental breakfast buffet. There are cereals, different breads and pastries and fruits! I especially love the coffee!
The reason I hailed Christina’s Cafe as one that offers the “best breakfast” in Boracay is the unique menu! They offer different breakfast sets inspired by different cities in the world. You can have a taste of Paris, Scandinavian or even Canadian! A different taste every morning in Boracay, why not? 
You can even customize by choosing the kind of Egg, Western Sides (sausage, salmon, bacon, ham, baked banana, grilled tomatoes, grilled vegetables), Pinoy Sides (tapa, bangus, longganiza, chicken pork adobo) and Starch (rice, bread or potatoes) you want to add and mix in your set. 

I had a Taste of Paris.
That’s savoury French Toast with double baked cheese, Parmesan crumbed poached eggs, slow roasted tomatoes, grilled bacon and spicy tomato chutney. What can I say? I love the French Toast (they looked like sliced tofu!) and the bacon. Everything in the plate was actually perfect. The chutney sent my tongue on fire though. 

Spanish Hash for my friend. 
Diced chorizo, corned beef and potato, two poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce and toasted bread.

You know what’s the best part of dining at Christina’s Cafe? This view.
(hey, that’s our friends from :))
If you are in Boracay, check out Christina’s Cafe and enjoy beachfront breakfast. 
Christina’s Cafe
Henan Garden Resort
Station 2, Boracay, Aklan
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