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Meet My Avene

April 2, 2015
After attending the recent event hosted by Avene, I am starting to believe that the Fountain of Youth does exist, and it can be found in the small village in the south of France. 
The most celebrated brand in France, Eau Thermale Avene reached the Philippine shores in 2013; and in case you have missed the memo, I am here to share with you what’s so amazing about this brand. 
I will gonna make this simple, Avene is a place in France where Sainte Odile Spring is located and the thermal spring water helps cure skin disorders. The same thermal spring water is present in the Avene Thermal Spring Water spray which is now easily accessible in the country! 
Avene also carries different products for different skin types. Click Read More to find out more about them!

Avene’s History

Allow me to share a short history of Avene (it is very, very interesting!). It all started with a horse. In 1736, a horse was allowed to run free because of fear of contagion of severe skin rash. The horse drank the spring water from Verdu, at the foot of Black Mountain. It also rolled in the pond feed by the same spring. You can guess what happened next.. the horse was seen to have recovered its shiny hair and was then cured. 
Since then, doctors in the area advised their patients to use warm Avene thermal spring water for skin disorders. The spring also treated the victims of 3rd degree burns after the 1871 Chicago fire. The spring was then transformed in to a hydrotherapy center. But was closed in 1965.
In 1975 the Sainte Odile spring became the property of Pierre fabre, pharmacist and industrialist at Castres. The modern hydtrotherapy care center now uses modern technology and equipment which can accommodate up to 800 patients. 
We have seen a video which a Filipina kid was sent to Avene hydrotherapy care center for treatment. It is amazing. I seriously want to visit the place!

Avene Products

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray (in different sizes!)
Avene Sunblock Cream and Spray
Avene Anti-aging products
Avene Make-up Removers

Avene’s products for Blemish-Prone Skin
During the event held in Tower Club, Makati, Avene made a skin test to determine my skin condition. All this time I thought I had oily skin, only to find out I have Combination Skin – which means, my T-Zone gets oily, while my cheeks have normal skin. Avene Team was nice enough to recommend Avene products that I can use. 
Avene Cleanance Gel, Avene Gentle Toner and  Avene Hydrance  Cream
It was quite surprising that after the event, Avene asked us which Avene product we are most excited to use. That seemed like a simple question, but answering it was not too simple because they recorded it! Ha! I would never get used to ambush interviews 😉

Anyway, I am most excited about the Avene Thermal Spring Water! I have this mild Seborrheic Dermatitis (my own diagnosis – thank you to Google!), that appears on my back whenever the weather is hot and I am expecting the scaling to show up this summer. I have used different products in the past, until I got tired of “managing” it and I just totally ignored it. The condition is (thankfully) behaved now, but I am expecting major scaling come summer. It is good to be armed with Avene!
Avene Thermal Spring Water is naturally mineralized spring water which properties are favorable to human health and recognized by The National Academy of Medicine. It is bacteriologically pure, odorless, tasteless and colorless which is best for most sensitive skin. 
I am not the type who instantly change skin regimen to try new products, but I thought what damage can thermal spring water do to me? More about Avene in upcoming posts. 

Sidestory: So happy to spend time with Kaye and (finally) meeting Kristel (I love her blog Beauty by Tellie!).

Have you tried any of Avene products?
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