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Beat the Summer Heat with JCo Coffee!

May 4, 2015
Alot of people I know love Summer because of the sun, sand and the sea. Although walking around the beach in a tiny bikini is a bliss, this scenario doesn’t happen everyday. We deal with summer heat in Metro Manila, sweating and always looking for a cool place to beat the weather.
Thankfully, there’s JCo with its yummy Frappes! After our long fun ice skating experience the other night, we headed to J Coffee and tried the White Chocolate Frappes!

Believe me, these drinks are more enticing in plastic cups. But I support the store for using paper cups and loving the environment 🙂
That’s White Chocolate Frappe and White Chocolate Frappe with Espresso! 
I am not really a fan of White Chocolate or anything White Chocolate, but this drink is a good break from the usual dark coffee I usually order. This is perfect for  Vanilla and White Chocolate lovers. A summer drink that is fused with vanilla, white chocolate sauce, loaded with hefty white chocolate chunks!

For my date that night, I ordered the one with Espresso to keep him up until 5 in the morning. While I ordered non-caffeinated. It seemed like sipping a cold thick milk shake!

 Of course, these are best enjoyed with JCo Donuts!
PROMO! Get a FREE Mr. Green Tea on any purchase of J.COFFEE Drinks!
Promo is available until May 25, 2015
Visit your nearest JCo Outlet to beat the heat this summer!

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