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Filipino Merienda at The Aristocrat (below Php 150)

July 14, 2015
It’s a fact and I’ll repeat it again Filipinos love to eat. We eat 6 times a day – breakfast, morning snack, lunch, merienda, dinner and midnight snack. We don’t even count the number of times we make a trip to the fridge or pantry to grab a fruit, chocolate bar or chips to munch while we work, watch TV or simply get busy with our mobile phones. 
Click Read More and feast on Filipino merienda!
The sad story though – because of the number of growing businesses and international food brands coming to the Philippines, we forget to enjoy our very own Filipino merienda – or even visit Filipino restaurants. I’m we are guilty. My mom loves to cook at home and we seldom visit Filipino-themed restaurants (because we thought, we can always cook them at home). 

But when one thinks of Filipino restaurant, there’s just one name that comes to mind – Aristocrat. I got to visit the Aristocrat again last Saturday. It is not for a wedding or birthday celebration – but for an intimate merienda feast with blogger friends. 
Did you know that Aristocrat started as a rollings store selling dinuguan at puto, arroz caldo, pancit luglug, banana fritters (now known as turon) and lumpiang ubod in front of St. Theresa College in Manila. The ordinary Filipino favorites are turned into fine food made with best ingredients that is fit to a royal. 
We were treated to a royal merienda with Aristocrat’s best-sellers that are surprisingly affordable!
Flying Saucer Adobo Php 100
Flaky adobo in a toasted bread pocket. I love the crunch on the crust!

 Dinuguan (Blood Stew) Php 150 
and Cheese Roll Php 50
The Dinuguan looked so inviting that I was tempted to taste it. It looked thick and flavorful.
As my blogger friends say, it is best with Cheese Rolls! 
Lumpiang Ubod Sariwa Php 90
Only the freshest ingredient for lumpia that is made of heart of palm, pork and shrimp wrapped in crepe and served with brown sauce (with lots of toasted garlic!)

 Pospas de Gallina (Rice Porridge with Chicken) Php 120
A perfect soft, warm porridge on a rainy weather or while enjoying the view of the sunset. 
Most people know this by the name Arroz Caldo. 

Tokwa’t Baboy Php 145
A bowl of cubed pork and fried tofu with  vinaigrette is just perfect with your Pospas!

For those who are going out on a date at the Bay View area, visit Aristocrat and share a plate of Pancit Luglog Php 190. Pancit Luglog is basically like Pancit Palabog but it uses different noodles. The noodles are thicker and the sauce is a lot more watery; but the taste of shrimp, pork rind and smoke fish flakes are delightfully present. 
 For barkada, there’s Pancit Guisado Php 350
Enjoy a platter of Pancit Guisado anytime of the day at Aristocrat. A staple in every celebration, feast or birthday party. 

To cap the meal, don’t forget to order a slice of Torta Delos Reyes! It is one of my favorite cakes! Imagine sans rival, Sylvannas and chocolate in one sinful cake. Pair it with a cup of hot chocolate and you are in heaven. Aristocrat’s Hot Chocolate is thick and real chocolate-y. It seems like they used 10 tableas in creating one cup!
This is just a slice, ladies and gentlemen.

 When craving for some good Filipino merienda, you know where to go! Visit Aristocrat to enjoy these delicious merienda the way Aling Asiang used to cook it, 80 years ago.

Which Filipino merienda is your favorite?

432 San Andres St., Malate, Manila
Manila, Philippines
(02) 894 0000

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